Yesterday’s Sun by Amanda Brooke

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Yesterday’s Sun by Amanda BrookeYesterday's Sun by Amanda Brooke
Published by Harper Paperbacks on 2/12/2013
Genres: Contemporary Fiction
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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How could you ever choose between your own life and the life of your child?\r\n\r\nNewly-weds Holly and Tom have just moved into an old manor house in the picturesque English countryside. When Holly discovers a moondial in the overgrown garden and its strange crystal mechanism, little does she suspect that it will change her life forever. For the moondial has a curse.\r\n\r\nEach full moon, Holly can see into the future – a future which holds Tom cradling their baby daughter, Libby, and mourning Holly’s death in childbirth…\r\n\r\nHolly realises the moondial is offering her a desperate choice: give Tom the baby he has always wanted and sacrifice her own life; or save herself and erase the life of the daughter she has fallen in love with.

So Jenn sent me a text awhile ago asking if I would be interested in reading this book.  I’m pretty much game for most things so I agreed to read it.  This is one of those books that had someone not sent me either a copy to read or told me it was good, I wouldn’t have read it.  To me the cover isn’t all that eye catching and the blurb seems like it spells out the entire story.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got done reading it and realized that I really enjoyed this book!

This is another of those great authors that really get the whole picture across. The world she creates is so vibrant that  I had no problem picturing the idyllic country house that Holly and Tom purchase.  Nor did I have issues picturing them or Jocelyn.

The other great things is that I didn’t get to the end of the book and have a ton of questions left over.  It really is a great stand alone book.  To me this is something of a rarity these days.  Most books I reald always seem to be trilogies or they end up leaving you with a ton of questions like the author is hoping to get another book out of the deal.

The story itself really draws you in.  Holly and Tom purchased a house out in the country in order to get away from city life and start to plan their next 5 years together.  Holly is big on making plans, and more plans, and then some more plans.  Little do they know, but the house and the grounds it sits on have quite the jaded past.

Unearthed during renovations, to what will become Holly’s studio, is a box containing the mechanism to the moondial in the garden.  Once Holly gets the thing put back together she gets the shock of her life when it transports her into the future.  It is this first visit that really sets the story into motion in the book.

Up until this point I was really kinda meh about what I was reading.  Once it took off though, I was sold.  I quickly sped through the rest of the book, finishing with a gasp that was loud enough that my husband came in from the other room to see what was wrong.   Yes, there is a bit of a shocking ending.  Even though it was shocking, I didn’t feel like throwing the book!  It really was the perfect ending to a great book.


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