Trade the Day Blog-A-Thon

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Trade the Day

At around 2am on October 30th, 2000, my stepdad came rushing into my room, oxygen lines over his face, to shake me awake.  “Jaclyn is on the phone.”  Jaclyn is my cousin, and at the time, we were not close.  She was in high school, I had already graduated and we grew up in different states.

But she thought to call me when our grandmother died.  At 2am in the morning.  I’ll never forget that.

Our grandmother had had leukemia, a type of blood and/or bone marrow cancer and it affects both adults and children.  Our grandma battled it for a number of years, along with diabetes.  She’s even in the medical books as one of the first successful surgeries for pancreatic cancer, way back before I was born.

But then she got leukemia.  And on October 30, 2000, we lost her to it.  Carrie Adams left behind a husband, four children, ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  We still remember and miss her to this day, even though it’s been nearly thirteen years.  We’re telling the next generation about her, the ones who met her and the ones who never got a chance, so she lives on through us.  She was one of the most amazing women I ever knew and I never got to really appreciate it enough.  I would trade a day to see her again.

Today is Trade-the-Day.

23 authors, 1 book, 1 goal.  On August 23rd only, 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of The Trade by Colby Marshall at will go to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  If you cannot buy, I urge you to please at least share this post across social media, using hashtag #TradeTheDay. You can also join Colby Marshall to win signed copies of books, swag, do q&a’s with authors and other activities at

Trade the Day

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4 responses to “Trade the Day Blog-A-Thon

  1. aurian

    My condolences for your loss. I do notice more actions like this, where anthologies are published for a good cause.

  2. RabidReads

    This is a great initiative, thanks for promoting it. I lost my mom in 2009 and would trade a day in an instant.

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