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Indie Author Excerpts: Only Love Survives by Renee Charles

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Indie Author Excerpts Welcome! Indie Author Excerpts is a feature allowing indie authors the chance to showcase one of their books and allows readers to find their next favorite story. Each week, an indie author gets to promote a 1-2 page excerpt of their book here at BookShelfery. This is a win-win for everyone! This feature was inspired in part by Indie Author Spotlight, a meme hosted by Beckie @ Bittersweet Enchantment and CYP @ A Bookalicious Story.  Are you an author that would like to be featured in Indie Author Excerpts? If so, check out this page and fill out the form.   [indie-author-excerpt] The cat nearly tripped Megan at the front door. “Hey watch it fur ball.” But, his ploy worked and she bent over to rub his chin one last time before she left. His purr vibrated through his entire body and Megan squatted, rested an arm on her knees and scratched his back too. He stretched and gave her full access. With one last tap on the head, Megan rose and opened the door. As the stench of rotting flesh engulfed her, she realized—too late—she forgot to check the door first. Terror shot through her like an electrical current as she found herself within arm’s reach of a man-eater, a zombie. The monster lifted his head and reached for her with exposed bone and loose flesh dangling from his fingers. Megan stumbled back. The remnants of his clothes, slick with blood, clung to him and made a wet sucking noise as he moved. The zombie groaned and stumbled forward, which drew the attention of the other decomposing monsters wandering in confused circles on the front lawn. The entire congregation of undead turned at his excitement and lumbered toward the house. Megan stifled a scream. Noise would only increase the feeding frenzy, like blood in shark-infested water. She scrambled to get her feet under her and turned for the staircase, but the stupid cat didn’t follow. Instead, he backed up into the far corner of the living room hissing and howling at the intruder, which only garnered the creature’s interest. The zombie tipped his head and followed the cat, entranced by the fur ball’s agitation. “Son of a biscuit eater.” Megan shook her head. Not only had she let the monster into the cat’s home, but there were dinner guests on the way. The tug of war that would ensue was unimaginable, and the cat…Megan shuddered. She couldn’t bring herself to leave the forsaken pet to be ripped apart. A broken piece of wood at the base of the staircase caught her eye. It was a dumb move, she knew even as she reached for the board and approached the zombie from behind, but she had no choice. “Hey.” She raised the board over her shoulder like a baseball bat. The creature turned, and Megan swung as hard as she could. The hard wood connected with its jaw in a crack that turned her stomach. The zombie spun and fell, but immediately struggled to get back up, oblivious to the fact that its jaw bone hung by a single tendon. Megan scooped up the cat. He meowed, but thankfully didn’t fight back. She hit the staircase just as the next zombie stumbled through the front door. More followed. They piled in one after another, climbing over the top of each other. The swarm of monsters surged toward the staircase, toward her and the cat. Clumsy, but relentless. Megan ducked into the first room at the top of the stairs, slammed the door behind her and dropped the cat. He tore across the carpet and leapt up onto the sill of an open window. Her new friend turned back and meowed at her one last time before he escaped. “Traitor.” Megan pressed her ear against the door, but all she heard was the panicked flow of air that rushed in and out of her lungs. She sucked in a breath and held it. The groans and scratches on the other side of the door filled her with desperation. They would not stop following her until there was nothing left to follow. Zombies were like bloodhounds on a hot trail. Once they had something in their line of sight, they kept going until something else grabbed their attention. Megan’s lungs throbbed until she finally remembered to breathe again. Frantic, she scanned the room for an escape route. Great. Trapped upstairs in a bedroom with no way out. A bedroom she didn’t know, in a house she’d never been in, surrounded by a horde of hungry zombies. “Careless, careless, careless…” Megan drug a dresser in front of the door while she berated herself. The curtain fluttered in the open window, and Megan shook her head denying the inevitable. Running outta time. She peeked out to see where the cat had gone. At least the window led to the roof and not straight down. The banging at the door behind her jostled the dresser. It was only a matter of seconds before they made it through. She took a deep breath and climbed out onto the red roof tiles. “Oh, this is a bad idea.” She searched for a foothold while the darn cat sat on a tree branch, swished his tail and watched. Megan held on to the wood frame of the window ignoring the splinters that dug into her fingers. The corpses inside banged at the door still trying to get in the room. She felt around for the next foothold and inched toward the eave. To think there was a time when she’d complained about a classroom full of fourth graders hopped up on Halloween candy. At least they never tried to eat her…much. One of the tiles under her sneaker cracked and slipped out from under her foot. Her heart ceased up for a beat, then continued on its race. The theme to Spiderman popped into her head. Megan swallowed the hysterical laughter that bubbled up. Of all the ridiculous… The two zombies that still roamed the yard below came to attention at the sound of the tile exploding on the cement below. They turned toward the house with all the grace and speed of newborn giraffes. A crash resounded inside signaling the zombies had broken through her worthless barricade. She looked over at the cat in the tree. “I don’t suppose you’d go back in there?” Megan’s foot slipped again, and she scrambled to get a hold of something… anything that would support her. The window filled with decaying monsters clambering over the top of one another only a couple feet away. Megan turned her face to escape their rotten stench. The pitch of the roof made it hard to maneuver even for her, and she had tendons. Maybe the zombies would just fall before they got to her. Maybe she was screwed. The screech of tires and blare of a car horn announced a Suburban careening down the street toward her. The urban assault vehicle jumped the curb, plowed into the zombies below her and slid to a stop under the edge of the roof. A man with wild blond hair and dress shirt completely unbuttoned stood up on his seat right through the sunroof. “Hurry up. Just ’cause I knocked them down doesn’t mean they’re going to stay down.” He reached up for her. Megan grabbed the stranger’s hand and jumped to the roof of the Suburban just as a zombie tumbled past her. It hit the ground with a wet splat. Megan frantically peeled off her backpack so she could fit through the sunroof. Her unknown hero plopped down in his seat. She dove into the passenger seat next to him. He hit the gas and sent a rooster tail of dirt, rock and tufts of grass in their wake.  

About Renee Charles

Author, Renee Charles believes all love is legendary. Being the only female in a house full of giants (husband and two teenage boys) she tends to lean toward the macabre, but inevitably the softer side shines through. Whether life leads her to a snow covered mountain top, sun dappled forest, or the bottom of a ravine (yes, ditches happen) she always has a pen and note pad ready so wherever the next adventure takes her, she can take notes. Her own romance began in an insane asylum. Luckily, both she and her husband only worked there. But it makes sense her romance novels have strange beginnings that lead to passionate endings. Romance with a dark twist. In the face of zombies, werewolves, and big foot she always seems to find a happily ever after to leave you with a sigh at the end.

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