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#BEA: How Am I Preparing?

Posted on 05/20/2014 in Discussion / 18 Comments

In exactly one week, I will be on my way to BEA in NYC!  And how am I preparing?

Well first off, with a healthy dose of nerves and panic.  I’m in the midst of planning my wedding and I really shouldn’t be going to any cons, but I swore I’d go to BEA this year and I wasn’t backing down from that!  Besides, it’s too late to cancel now muahaha!  Is it wise to jet off for nearly a week to the Big Apple less than three months before the biggest day (so far) of my life?  Probably not. this-is-my-smart-face   So to prepare myself, I’ve done or am doing the following things:

  • Packing snacks like granola bars – I am a cheap little snot, and I already balk at DC prices for things and I’ve been living here for eight years.  NYC prices will probably kill me.  But please, I prefer the term “frugal” in person.  No lie, I may also bring the ingredients to make a lot of PB&Js.  I’ll be THAT girl.
  • Buying a portable cell phone charger – you know the kind you carry in your purse that can charge your phone two or three times before it needs to be recharged itself? I think it was fellow YADC member Hannah from the Irish Banana who told me I needed one of those because Javitz and the BEA app sucks your battery life fast.  *browses over to bestbuy.com*
  • Packing nothing but Toms flats – these are the most comfortable stylish shoes ever.  I walked RT in them last year and I still have that pair.  I may bring a single pair of cute flat sandals for any parties I get to attend, too.
  • Purchased a new camera battery charger – I left my charger in Kansas City last year while there for RT, so I just recently got around to buying a replacement so I can use my DSLR to take nice pictures!  Photography will probably keep me entertained while waiting in line.
  • Downloaded the BEA app – so I can keep track of all the signings I added to the calendar!
  • Getting there early – like Tuesday-early.  I am the Worst East-Coaster Of All Time.  I’ve lived (and was born) on the Right Coast a total of 31 years (I’m 34), but I’ve never been to NYC, despite only living a mere few hours drive away.  Getting there early will let me get acclimated to the City That Never Sleeps and maybe do a couple of touristy things, too.
  • Bringing an empty suitcase – thanks to the wisdom of many other bloggers, I will be packing light and bringing a spare!
  • Ordered new business cards – I’ve moved since the last batch, and while everyone pretty much has my new address, I still wanted new cards!


So are you going to BEA and if so, how are you preparing?  


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