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Sacrifice of Passion by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez

Posted on 06/18/2013 in Book Review / 1 Comment

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Sacrifice of Passion by Melissa Bourbon RamirezSacrifice of Passion by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez
Published by Entangled Publishing on 6/15/2012
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Paranormal Fiction, Romance
Pages: 324
Format: eBook

Something waits in the shadows…

\r\nOn a Texas night twelve years ago, Vic Vargas kissed Delaney West so deeply that she almost came apart. Later that same night, evil crept into Delaney’s room as she slept – and everything in their world fell apart. Now Vic is a rancher living a half-empty life punctuated by one-night stands and a strained relationship with his 11-year-old son.\r\n\r\nThen Delaney returns to San Julio, and the past comes rushing back… along with the dark echoes of that night so long ago. Livestock are dying. Some say coyote, but others whisper another darker word. Chupacabra. Bloodsucker.\r\n\r\nThe past hasn’t disappeared – nor has the instinctive desire that snaps and crackles between Delaney and Vic. And as those emotions ignite, so does the evil that hibernated for the last twelve years. The evil that waited for Delaney to return to San Julio… and to Vic Vargas.

Last year, when the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer came out, I had to rant to Jen about how horrible the movie was compared to the book, that I didn’t really like. This sparked Jen’s interest on how detailed I was about my take on the movie and expressed interest in me doing a movie review on it for her. I was shocked and stunned at her suggestion and told her I would. Then it grew to doing more movie reviews for her, and to also start doing book reviews for the movies that were coming out as well. She knows if there is a movie based on a book, I run out and read the book before I see the movie. A few months ago she asked if I would start doing book reviews also. Again I was shocked and stunned to stuttering a simple “YES”. A few days ago I get an email from Jen on a book from Entangled Publishing about a Paranormal Suspense/ Romance called Sacrifice of Passion. I was super stoked about this and greedily accepted the chance to read and review a book for them. I am not picky about the books I read and love all the genres. I went at this book blindly, I had never heard of the book and I didn’t even read the synopsis for it. I just drove right on in. I really, REALLY wanted to like this book, but found myself torn with huge, mixed feelings about this book. There were a few things I liked and several that I didn’t like about the book.

I liked the basis of the book. The myth of the Chupacabra centered around a love story I found wonderful. Everything that involved the Chupacabra was great, every killing and suspense built around it was awesome and very detailed. If you do not pay attention in the book, who the Chupacabra is, will surprise you, it didn’t surprise me because I figured out who it was, when the first human died (but hey, “who did it” books are my specialty, I always catch the man before he is revealed). The character of Esperanza, the crotchety old Spanish/Curandera (healer), was a very good character. A lot of special care and thought went in to creating her to make sure she was as authentic as possible. The other character Zach, Vic’s 11 year old son, was my other favorite character. The author nailed his personality perfect for the situation he was created in. He tore my heart in two in certain aspects of the book.

While I was reading this book, I was having a hard time keeping with it. I mean the book is only 324 pages for crying out loud, that is a few hours read for me. So why did it take me a week to read this book?! It wasn’t for lack of time but the writing irritated/frustrated me to the point I would put the book down and go watch TV. Yes, you heard me, TV for crying out loud (so gross). I struggled through the book with the poor character development / broken story dribble/ and choppy writing. For example the story had no time line. You have no clue how old the main characters are or the time frame of the story. The author dives in so quick into the story you hardly get a chance to bond with the characters at all, so it leaves you feeling “either you like them on site or you’re SOL” Talk about story dribble: one minute they are trying to do something kinky, next sentence the whole scene changes and it leaves you feeling like you blinked and missed the town you were looking for! And don’t get me started on choppy writing. The main reason the couple spent 12 years apart was brought up so many times but the author never really goes into detail about it and actually lets the characters tell each other for any kind of closure on the past.

Goodreads states the book is partial romance, phhfft, more like borderline erotica. The love scenes in the book were more porn images described on paper; rather than heart pounding, page turning, wishful thinking, HUGE sigh, description of intimate passion shared between lovers. Instead of using artfully skilled descriptive scenes to describe the love actions that causes the reader to imagine what is going on; the author was very direct and to the point, kind of “tell you like it is” in words so you don’t need your imagination at all. It was kind of vulgar and not very romantic at all. I did not feel that the couple actually loved each other, just lusted after one another.

At the end of the book I read the Acknowledgments (which is something I never really do but I just had to for some strange reason) and my eyes immediately zeroed in on this statement here : “Also a big shout outs to Nina Bruhns for her wicked eleventh hour editing, again to Rochelle for her eleventh and three quarters hour reading ….” I’m sorry did my eyes see that right?!?! Eleventh hour editing, are you kidding me??? You would actually admit this to your readers??!! At that moment I felt like Gru on Despicable Me: LIGHT BULB!!! Is this why I didn’t like the writing? Were my feelings on the book directed to the authors writing style or the editors editing style?? Is this why in some parts of the book it grabbed me and I couldn’t stop reading and other parts I had to choke through because the writing was so bad?! Aggh!! I can’t answer the question. I would really love a copy of the book before it was edited. I read a lot of people’s reviews on the book and the majority absolutely loved this book and just raved about it. I wish I could have done the same. I would not recommend this book, but if you have read the book or want to read the book, please let me know your thoughts on it.

I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange of an honest review. I was not compensated with money. If you decide to purchase this book through one of our affiliate links, we do receive a small commission for your purchase.

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