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Blog Tour: Tiger Born by M. A. Nilles

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Welcome to my stop on the Tiger Born blog tour by author M. A. Nilles! We have a great stop lined up for you today: a character interview with Nadia, demon hunter plus a giveaway! Stay tuned for the giveaway and check out the character interview below!


Wanted by the Adepts of Te’Mea, protectors of humankind. Condemned by the demonlords, rulers of the world. Je’Rol is a cursed man in search of a dream—peace in his life.

On a world where most half-bloods are executed at birth, Je’Rol has survived. The son of a demonlord and a human, Je’Rol bears the stigma of the blood rage, a killing instinct unleashed when he loses control of his emotions, and each time carries him closer to the edge of losing his humanity forever. Only one object can free him of the killer inside; but it is an object only of legend and one said to reign over all demons. Because of its power, he is not the only one who seeks it.

With his life cut shorter by each blood rage, time is quickly running out for Je’Rol, but his search for freedom could mean the end of the world.

Nadia, your title claims you’re a demon hunter. Can you describe for us some of what that entails? How does one become a demon hunter?

I am an Adept of Te’Mea, a human with the power to dispirit demons. After learning to use my powers to their fullest, I trained with the Li’Ador to fight, to slay demons of all kinds.

There’s a lot I’d like to know more about. First, can you explain what dispirit is?

It’s the ability of some humans to exert their will over demons. I can make them do whatever I wish. Usually, I make them freeze so I can kill them without risk of injuring myself.

How does one learn to dispirit a demon?

You have to be born with the ability. You can’t learn it. You either have it or not. I discovered my ability when I was fifteen. The natters tend to swarm Adepts when they can.


Sorry, the small, stupid demons. Monsters of all shapes and sizes. They’ll attack anything, even their own kinds, most often at night.

Are there other types of demons?

Oh, yes. Just about every predator is a demon on Derandria.

So, these aren’t apparitional, soul-stealing creatures?

No. Demons are simply blood-thirsty monsters; I guess you could call any predator a demon, since they pretty much all have some extrasensory or magical ability.

There is only one class of demon we can’t control—demonlords. They rule Derandria, have for thousands of years. They live in a variety of clans—tigers, bears, serpents, and so on. But they can take human form at will, usually when they desire to hunt humans for dinner or to satisfy their sexual hunger. Unfortunately, they are the worst of the demons but also the ones we have no influence over. Their abilities far exceed those of any Adept, which is why they continue to rule.

So, Adepts—like you—are no threat to them.

No. But they threaten us with their existence. We are food to them, no better than cattle, except when they desire pleasure. Then their lusts result in half-bloods—demonlord/human hybrids. They are a bigger threat almost than demonlords. Demonlords can control their behavior. Half-bloods cannot. When they lose control of their emotions, the demon side erupts and takes over, lusting only for blood and fresh kill.

They’ll attack anyone or anything in sight in the blood rage.

Ironically, Adepts can control half-bloods, but I suppose that’s because the half-bloods can’t even control themselves.

Oh, and there are goblins, but they don’t threaten humans. In fact, the only time one usually sees them are in service to demonlords and they never say anything. They’re basically slave labor. Adepts can control them, but they’re harmless really.

Then, if you ever found a goblin in a human village, what would you do?

Wonder where its demonlord masters were. You never see goblins unless a demonlord is nearby.

Are there many other demon hunters?

I don’t know. All I know is that I travel a lot, wherever my services are needed. Adepts are spread out over the world, except in the temples where we train, or with the Li’Ador.

Yes, you mentioned the Li’Ador. What is it?

They are the elite soldiers of our world. They train rigorously to fight demons. Because Adepts aren’t numerous enough to protect all humans from demons, particularly natters, many others are needed to fight them. They adhere to a strict code but are paid by the cities and villages for their services, and often by the demonlords who wish to protect their food supplies—livestock and humans. Some of that is given up as a commission to their commandants to further the training of other young men.

I was an exception. Most women Adepts turn to the sorcerers or teaching at the temples to make use of their gifts. I wanted to rid the world of half-bloods, so I turned to the Li’Ador. They tried to dissuade me, but I endured their…brutality to earn my position.

How many demons have you hunted?

Too many to count. More often than not, I’m called to the imminent birth of a suspected half-blood to end its life upon its first breath, but I can take out a nest of natters alone with my dispirit, where it would take at least four Li’Ador using only strength and fighting skill.

You sound like a talented woman. I’m sure we’ll learn more in TIGER BORN. Thanks for sharing some of your background with us.


Tiger Born by M. A. Nilles is the first of the Demon Age fantasy series and is available now from major ebook retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. To learn more, visit .



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