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The What If Guy Blog Tour + Giveaway – Last Stop!

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“Do you mean what you said?” His lips brushed against the corner of my mouth. “When I said what?” I asked in a breathy voice, trembling. Or maybe that was Henry. “When you said…” He swallowed. “…that you still loved me?” My heart pitched. “Yes.” The next few minutes were a blur. His lips came down on mine with such determination that I stumbled backwards. His strong hands caught me. He slid his hand up my back and clutched my neck, leaving a trail of heat in its wake. He tangled his fingers in my hair and deepened our kiss. We moved as if we’d been kissing each other for eternity, yet it felt as exciting and brand new as the first time. All five of my senses were keenly alert as Hnery’s tongue teased mine. His rugged scent filled my nose and light flashed behind my closed eyes. I grazed my fingers over the ridges of his muscles, then tugged at the bottom of his shirt, longing to touch, skin-to-skin. My ears rang, my mouth filling with the taste of Henry. I wanted more, more, more. Breathlessly, Henry pulled back and gazed at me with clouded eyes. His lips, swollen and parted, tugged up one side. I lifted his shirt tail and ran my palms up his chest, sending a shudder through him. Henry licked his lips and the butterflies in my stomach morphed into a flock of pterodactyls. I felt self-conscious under his heavy gaze, his eyes studying me as if he were memorizing every detail of the moment. “Hi,” I whispered.

Welcome to the last stop on The “What If” Guy Blog Tour!   Today is an exciting day at The Bawdy Book Blog: an interview with Brooke Moss, author of The “What If” Guy,  and we have a GREAT giveaway sponsored by Entangled Publishing!

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