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Discussion: When Hollywood Ruins A Good Adaptation (What??)

Posted on 05/17/2014 in Discussion / 13 Comments

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Everyone hates when Hollywood ruins a good book with a terrible movie.  But what about when Hollywood ruins a potentially great movie adaptation? You are probably asking yourself, “Jenn what are you even talking about.”  Statement, not question, because clearly I’ve lost my mind.  Except I haven’t, so hear me out. The Hollywood Marketing Machine is ruining good book adaptations.  For example, The Fault in Our Stars.  My Facebook feed is littered with different clips from this scene or that scene, and at first, I was really excited to watch them, because I loved that book!  I can’t wait to watch it in the theater! But…now I feel like I’ve seen it already.  They’ve shown almost all the scenes I really loved in the book, and there are practically no surprises left.  What’s up with that, Hollywood, huh? yo-wtf-dawg   I want to go into a book adaptation having seen one or two full-length trailers, and that is it.  I want the magic of the movies to take me back into the book I loved so much, not go in expecting scenes I already got to watch on Youtube in the months leading up to the movie’s release. So today, when I saw a link to watch the clip for the part where they egg the ex-girlfriend’s house, you know what I did? I didn’t click it. I like surprises.  Surprise me, Hollywood.  Otherwise what am I paying for when I already know the story?  

So tell me:  does the mass marketing machine for book adaptations bother you or make you more excited?

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