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BEA2014 Recap Part 3 – BEA Day 2 & 3

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Apparently my BEA recaps move much more slowly than others LOL.  I’ve been busy, y’all!

(Jesus, I’ve written a lot of BEA posts already…)  

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Friday (BEA Day 2!)

Even though we arrived back at the hotel late the night before, the sun shone through my window like a bright beacon of – something.  Annoyance?  Not sure.  And thus I chipped my eyes open and slid into the shower at about 5:30 in the morn. Maybe it was 6, I honestly don’t remember.  I did have the foresight to pack my snack baggies the night before, so I didn’t have to do that before leaving.  And thus we yet again set out at an ungodly hour to the Javitz, on foot, like well-dressed muggles schlepping suitcases across the bumpy, cracked sidewalks of New York City. And kids, I was TIRED. Since it was day two and I finally knew the layout of the showroom floor (whereas the previous day was spent wandering back and forth while I tried to get my BEA bearings), I was able to plan much better for galley drops and signings.  Overall, it was much smoother for me.  There was nothing I really wanted all that badly in the morning, although Lenore reminded me that we needed to get tickets in the morning at the HarperCollins booth for Kiera Cass’ signing for that afternoon.  I also had several signings that were imperative.  In short, Friday was Jenn’s Day.  So, we scored the tickets for Cass’ signing (thanks, Hannah!), managed to pick up some awesome HarperTeen galleys and then off we went to do – what I don’t remember.   As you can see below, the signing area is crowded, but the people in the middle ARE moving. BEA wasn’t the cluster of madness like BookCon.

crowd signing area
Lenore waiting in line with a new friend.  And look!  There’s Midnyte Reader!  She and I share a weekly Tweet-a-thon during The Walking Dead season.  🙂
At 10:15, I decided to head over to Houghton Mifflin to get ahead of the game and be in line mega-early for her 11:30 signing of The Giver (because I tried for the Sarah Maas signing and that line was so ridiculous, I just turned around and left).  The Giver is one of my absolute favorite novels and to have a signed copy…well.  It’s the only book I really cared about at BEA.
Then the publicist said we couldn’t take pictures with her, so I asked if I could selfie-bomb her.  And I got a yes.  Don’t mind my crazy-eyes, I was just excited!  I mean, it’s LOIS LOWRY, Y’ALL!

Character in Lowry line
Character in Lowry line
Signed copy!
Signed copy!

I should note that while I was waiting in line – for nearly two HOURS when all was said and done because I didn’t get out of line until about 12:00- someone tried to cut the guy two places behind me.  The woman who was standing with her son noticed first and said something, and the girl who did the cutting waved her off, claiming she had been in line the entire time. Folks, etiquette means etiquette.  I showed her my sticky note that had been handed to me and said she needed one of those and if she had been in line, she’d have one.  Long story short, she stormed off.  I know people have said you shouldn’t say anything, but that’s how these jerks get away with it and how honest people lose out. After scoring my signed copy of The Giver, I decided there might still be enough time to swing over to Random House for the E. Lockhart signing of WE WERE LIARS.  Circular booths are great but not very conducive to organization when it comes to lines; Random House had a circular booth.  I went to get in line and I was told to leave (because they were trying to herd cats for another author signing).  However, there were other people already in line for the same book and I was the only one being told to leave… so I stayed.  It was 20 minutes before the signing, so I really don’t know what they were thinking. All in all, it was a great day!  I munched my way through signings, talked to a couple of authors, saw a lot more of my friends than I did on the first day, and had a wonderful dinner that night at a Thai place a few blocks away.

random floor photo
Hardcore fans?
THIS is organization.

While in line for Kiera Cass, I met a wonderful publicist from Harlequin, Lauren! She and I fangirled over The One, talked about the changes going on in our lives (marriage and moving!) and our love of books. Books bring people together! She also said, “Why are you wearing such painful shoes? Seriously, unless you are working a booth, just wear jeans and sneakers.” So there you have it. Straight from the publisher’s mouth.  No need to dress up. Oh and Kiera was amazing AS ALWAYS!

Author selfie with Kiera Cass!


deep blue 1
deep blue 2
wimpy tote

  This Harlequin bag below was the BEST for hauling. I retired my RT2013 bag and began using this one because I could fit so much in it and it had so many pockets. Thanks, Harlequin!

harlequin bag

I scored this Epic bag from Steph at Cuddlebuggery because she had two and knew I wanted one. An epic bag for epic reads. Pun intended.

epic bag


Totally, dude.
Totally, dude.  Thanks, Quirk!

Saturday (BEA Day 3 – technically “BookCon“)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Steph from Cuddlebuggery scored me an invite to the Bloomsbury Blogger Breakfast on Saturday morning.  So I totally went!  And I am so glad I did, because I got to meet Sarah J. Maas in a way better environment than the crazy signing line I was going to get in on Friday!  She is like the nicest lady ever.   I pretty much stalked her the whole time I was there. Not to mention, Bloomsbury gave us the nicest swag!  We left with an awesome Throne of Glass tote, plus the ARC for Heir of Fire, as well as a children’s book by Jessica Day George and…The Bone Season.  And then Bloomsbury was kind enough to give me all three Throne of Glass books, since I didn’t have them.  Sarah signed them all!

maas tote
maas tote up close

Assassin’s Blade is the only one not signed, boooo!

shelfiewall_heir of fire

I could go into my day at the show, but I don’t think I need to.

Book Haul

And what’s BEA without all the BOOKS?!

 Not all of these were for me, I have three boxes filled now for my co-blogger and contributors!




Goodbye, BEA

Until next time!

Roommates!  Andrey, me, Lenore & Christina
Mine and Lenore’s bags filled with books
#TheBookLife. No lie, it was pretty difficult to navigate my big purple suitcases through Penn Station. I had to get Redcap to help me get my stuff on the train. But it meant I got to board early!   So, BEA, it was exhausting but fun.  I will DEFINITELY be seeing you again next year!

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