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Posted on 12/30/2015 in Miscellaneous / 9 Comments

I love surprises. And I love getting mail. So what could be better than a box filled with book-themed surprises? I had never heard of OwlCrate until a couple of months ago when Jennifer subscribed and received a box full of awesome. I knew right then that I had to try this one. I already do a couple of other monthly boxes, so I was familiar with how they work. OwlCrate is a monthly subscription box that contains a YA book, along with 3-5 other goodies that go along with that particular month’s theme. December’s theme was “Get Inspired”.  I was extremely excited when I got home and found this adorable little box waiting for me: IMG_0429 I couldn’t wait to open it and see what was inside! The first thing I saw was this little post card (I love the Funko Pop Snape on the mantle!). The back of the card had a description of everything that could be found inside the box. IMG_0434 This month’s book is Da Vinci’s Tiger by Laura Malone Elliott. This wasn’t a book that I had heard of, and after reading the description, not the genre that I would usually choose. But part of this adventure was to discover new books, so I’m looking forward to stepping outside of my usual zone. Da Vinci's Tiger The book also came with a sheet of magnetic poetry, which I haven’t played with in years, but I used to love. Now, on to the other goodies! There was a Book Lover’s Soy Candle from Frostbeard Studio. The scent is “Reading at the Cafe”, and it’s supposed to smell like a blend of coffee and chocolate, and it totally does! It smells like you have just stepped into a coffee shop. I love candles, and I plan to light this one and enjoy an afternoon of reading (possibly tomorrow, since it’s supposed to rain).  This was perfect for me! IMG_0497 My second favorite item from the box was the “what i read” journal – a cute little pocket-sized notebook where you can keep track of everything you read, dates, ratings, and thoughts. The pages are interspersed with quotes about books. Perfect for starting off 2016! While I do use Goodreads the exact same way, I thought it would be pretty cool to keep a written record of the year that I could go back and look through. Another win! IMG_0456 The next item was a cute little reading octopus To-Do list from I enjoy making lists, and this is adorable. Not something I would probably buy for myself, but still very fun. IMG_0501 The last item was a magnet from Sandra Vargas. She has some absolutely amazing artwork, but The Little Prince isn’t my favorite. This was probably my least favorite item from the box. owl crate Overall, I was extremely pleased with this box. The cost is a little steep for a monthly subscription ($29.99 + shipping if you do the month-to-month plan), but I thought that I definitely got a lot for my money. I did purchase this, and I wasn’t compensated in any way for my review. I plan to continue my membership, because this box is just a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what next month will bring – the theme is “Magic”, so it should be amazing! You can find more details at the OwlCrate website. Are there any other book subscription boxes that you would recommend? What else should I try?

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Jessica’s addiction to books began at age 4, going on weekly trips to the library with her mom. After being a young fan of Sweet Valley High and The Baby-Sitters Club, she discovered the thrill of reading a book that made her want to leave the light on and check under the bed. Her all-time favorite author is Stephen King, but she will read just about anything! Jessica never leaves home without her e-reader, and considers it the best gift she ever received. Her other hobbies include running and going to Disney World as often as possible.

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9 responses to “Subscription Box Review: OwlCrate

  1. I’ve had my eye on OwlCrate and The Bookworm Box (which was created by author Colleen Hoover). But I’m worried about getting a book I wouldn’t like or that I already have. The cost is high but I love the extra items they include in each package. I’ll have to try these subscriptions at least once just to have some excitement waiting for a mystery package lol.
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    • I like the charity aspect of The Bookworm Box, but the odds seem higher of getting something I already own (or I’m just not interested in) with that one. I really like that OwlCrate and Uppercase do new books. But I would definitely be interested in reading some reviews of The Bookworm Box!

  2. I wanted to try OwlCrate and even put myself on the waiting list. The book doesn’t hold a lot of appeal simply because I use my ereader 95% of the time. It would be awesome if they could curate one with a digital option! I too love the little things that I see pop up in people’s subscription boxes. I hope you continue to enjoy your’s!
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