Song & Book Saturday (2)

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Welcome to Song & Book Saturday! S&BS is a great way for us to share some of our favorite books and songs, together and it’s really easy: just think of a book and an accompanying song that reminds you of said book. Let us know why you think of that book when hearing this particular song (it doesn’t have to be profound, it can even be, “it came on the radio while I was reading my book, and now it’s stuck forever OMG”). You can also be more specific and tell us what character a song reminds you of.  Then link back here with your post in the Linky at the bottom and say hello to other followers of S&BS! Make sure you also grab the button below to place somewhere in your post so other followers can easily find you.

My Books:
Cameo the Assassin by Dawn McCullough-White

The Song:
Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward


I’ve always loved Stabbing Westward.  Let’s face it, I’m a child of the 90’s.  But the message of the song fits Cameo well.  Have a looksie and then listen for yourself.  And read the book!

I know your life is empty
And you hate to face this world alone
So you’re searching for an angel
Someone who can make you whole
I can not save you
I can’t even save myself
So just save yourself

I know that you’ve been damaged
Your soul has suffered such abuse
But I am not your savior
I am just as f*cked as you
(I am just as f*cked as you)
I can not save you
I can’t even save myself
So just save yourself

Please don’t take pity on me
Please don’t take pity on me
Please don’t take pity on me
Please don’t take pity on me

My life has been a nightmare
My soul is fractured to the bone
And if I must be lonely, I think I’d rather be alone
I think I’d rather be alone

You can not save me
You can’t even save yourself
I can not save you
I can’t even save myself
Save yourself
So just save yourself

Cameo thinks she’s soul-less, being in the thrall of a vampire.  She’s the walking dead, hired by the Association to assassinate anyone they don’t like.  She is a pawn in their wicked, twisted games.  And she thinks she’s f*cked.   She doesn’t want pity, she just wants to survive.  To save herself.
What’s your Song & Book Saturday? 
Leave me some comment love and let me know what yours is!
*Disclaimer: I apologize for the use of any profanity in this post!

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