[Review] Red, White and Blood by Christopher Farnsworth

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[Review] Red, White and Blood by Christopher FarnsworthRed, White and Blood by Christopher Farnsworth
Series: Nathaniel Cade #3
Published by Putnam Adult on 4/26/2012
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Paranormal Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 383
Format: select
Source: Publisher
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The Presidential Campaign Trail, 2012: A political operative and a volunteer are brutally murdered while caught in a compromising position. Written in their blood on the wall of the crime scene: IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK. And with that, a centuries-old horror known only as the Boogeyman returns to taunt Nathaniel Cade, the President’s Vampire. Against the backdrop of the 2012 presidential race, with the threat of constant exposure by the media, Cade and Zach must stop the one monster Cade has never been able to defeat completely. And they must do it before the Boogeyman adds another victim to his long and bloody list: the President of the United States himself.

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I don’t know about you, but I look at life and I laugh…a LOT.  I snort in derision at the news, I find the things others do comical and as you may have guessed, I have a very sarcastic nature.  I also like politics, but I’m wary of politicians….and I TOTALLY DIG VAMPIRES.  When an author can hit all those sweet spots, they’ve won a fan in me.  Christopher Farnsworth has managed to do that through not one, or even two, but THREE novels in his Nathaniel Cade series, and I’d place bets that his fourth will follow right behind (Chris, can you hurry up and write it already?!).  It’s as if these books were made for me.

Red, White and Blood chronicles the third year Zach Barrows and Nathaniel Cade have been working together in above top-secret capacity to rid the  United States (and sometimes the world) of paranormal threats against humanity.  Cade, being the oath-bound vampire he is, is sworn to protect the President and his country – and all that entails.  Zach, even though he’s in his third year on the job, still catches himself in a state of disbelief – that, you know, his life is THIS F*CKING SH*T.   Gone is the simpering, egotistical staffer and in his place is a guy who would just like to get laid once in awhile…

Red, White and Blood is just so LOL funny.  I mean that literally!  The repartee between Zach and Cade is simply unmatched in any other book I’ve read.  The best movie duo I can compare it to is Agents J and K in Men In Black.   Zach is still as witty and sarcastic as ever and Cade….well I just love Cade.  If Zach is in your face funny, Cade’s humor is subtle and understated, so much so that he might be funnier, without even trying.  These two men – I’m sorry, scratch that – this man and this vampire are such a dynamic duo, that one is simply less without the other.

Now there is a killer stalking President Curtis’ 2012 campaign trail, someone something Cade not-so-lovingly refers to as The Boogeyman.  The Boogeyman is such a great character.  He is evil for the sake of being evil, and sometimes we just need a Good vs. Evil fight to the death (or….in this case Undeath?) to know what’s right in the world.

Farnsworth deftly introduces more characters in Red, White and Blood, while resurrecting a few oldies but goodies (not telling!) who would like to see their vengence fulfilled.  He also continues to include the mini-prologues at the beginning of each chapter, something I absolutely love.  There is one in particular – rally signs for a political campaign – that had me in such stitches, I had to read them to my stepmother over the phone.  I love how Farnsworth can take current events (and even our history) and twist it with his imagination and still make it seem so real.  The flashback scenes are so well done that it never disrupts the flow of the book and only aids in the telling of Cade’s story and the plot.

If Christopher Farnsworth quit writing books tomorrow, he could take up political journalism.  His – for lack of a better word – mockery of American politics is stupendous, and all the while, he’s tossed in supernatural elements and it made the rallies and the campaign serious and funny all at the same time.  I can’t begin to describe how much I loved the scenes on the campaign tour buses, or at the events, and all the while, I was nodding along, thinking, “This is absolutely perfect.”  It never becomes a political novel, though, so don’t worry if you are someone who avoids things like that.  Farnsworth simply uses politics as a means to an end in Red, White and Blood.

So now we’ve had:

What supernatural disaster will the author think up next?  I impatiently await!  

The ending…left me speechless.   As it will you.   Well played, Chris, well played.



“All our polling has us dead even with Seabrook,” he said. The prick has been hammering us as elitist and out of touch.  We retreat into the White House and he’ll tell everyone we’re scared of the voters.  As if he’s the great voice of the common man.   The guy was born with a silver dick in his mouth.”


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Books like this: Blood Oath | The President’s Vampire Disclaimers: This finished copy provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.  Blurb and photo source courtesy of Goodreads.

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