[Review] Origins of Dark Angel by Melanie Nilles

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[Review] Origins of Dark Angel by Melanie NillesOrigins of Dark Angel by Melanie Nilles
Series: Dark Angel Chronicles #3.5
Published by Prairie Star Publishing on 11/29/2011
Genres: Paranormal Fiction, Romance, Science-fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 230
Format: eBook
Source: Author

Before he became the Dark Angel of McClarron, North Dakota, Elis had a life on his homeworld of Inar'Ahben…or tried to. A younger brother tormented by his older sister. A Keeper hunted by the Shirukan. A best friend betrayed. And a survivor sent alone to Earth to protect a shard of the Starfire crystal. For Elis, peace was only a word.


Every story has a beginning. This is the beginning of Dark Angel…


I was the lucky one person on this entire planet who got to read Origins of Dark Angel before ANYBODY ELSE! I was excited, I was apprehensive, I was jonesin’ for my Starfire Angels fix (because Melanie Nilles can’t write them fast enough – ask any of her fans). It did not disappoint me. Origins is book 3 1/2 in the Starfire Angels series, where we’ve been following the escapades and tribulations of Raea Dahlrich, the Crystal Keeper born on Earth after her mother escaped their homeland, fearing persecution and death by the empire. In Origins, we get to explore the story behind Elis, the quiet, shy and awkward boy who becomes Raea’s love interest and best friend. The story behind Elis is unlike anything I had imagined. I know his parents and sister were killed in an empire raid directed by Shirat Marin and I know he’s Saffir’s grand-nephew who trained at Starfire Tower along with the rest of the Keeper’s in his class. But I didn’t know there was so much else to know about him! Elis is a much deeper character than we’re led to believe in previous books (if that’s even possible) and Origins explains everything very well. In the beginning, I really disliked him. He’s whiny, unpredictable and childish, which was completely unexpected, because in Starfire Angels, Broken Wings and Crystal Tomb, Elis is stable, reliable and mature. But I guess we all have to start somewhere, right? 😉 However, Origins of Dark Angel details the long journey Elis takes to become the boy Raea – and let’s face it, all of us – loves today. If you are a fan of the series as I am, I highly recommend snatching this up as soon as it becomes available. It may just be the best one yet.


Favorite Quote

“I’ve lived my life, but I still wish to experience all I can. At my age, I follow only one rule: live each day like it’s your last but plan as if you’ll live forever.”


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This book was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review. Blurb courtesy of Goodreads.
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