[Review] Intangible by J. Meyers

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[Review] Intangible by J. MeyersIntangible by J. Meyers
Published by Self-published on 1/29/2012
Genres: Paranormal Fiction, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 264
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Twins Sera and Luke Raine have a well-kept secret—she heals with a touch of her hand, he sees the future. All their lives they’ve helped those in need on the sly. They’ve always thought of their abilities as being a gift.


Then Luke has a vision that Sera is killed. That gift they’ve always cherished begins to feel an awful lot like a curse. Because the thing about Luke’s ability? He’s always right. And he can’t do anything about it.

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Intangible is one of those YA, PNF books that you want to read, because it’s like a casserole: it’s got all these tasty ingredients in it that make it a fine, delectable dish. Unless you don’t like casseroles; then forget I said that.

Intangible is mostly about twins Luke and Sera and the prophecy that looms over them, not to mention, all of the paranormal species. So much was going on in this novel, at first, it was hard for me to follow. It reminded me of the movie, Crash, where different lives intertwine because of a series of specific events leading up to one culmination. There are several people and agendas to follow in Intangible; I wouldn’t be surprised if the author had a map drawn somewhere of who did what and when and where! But once I saw where Intangible was taking me, it all clicked beautifully.

Luke sees Sera’s death in a vision, and the only person she can’t heal is herself. Luke has never been able to change the outcome of his visions before. Can he do it now? That’s the ultimate question and it’s thrust out there to you right in the beginning. You know what this book is about right then and there and it is immediately captivating. I enjoyed the bond the two shared, since most YA novels focus on some sort of romance and this featured a brother and sister. It was refreshing. I also enjoyed the inclusion of several types of paranormal species, rather than just your typical werewolves and vampires books. *wink wink* But I’m not giving away what they are!

What I also liked about Intangible was the mini-plots going on through the novel between secondary characters. They were all important to the main plot, but had agendas and secrets of their own. Every chapter was like a new episode in a show that only got better. The characters were all amazing and complicated, but not so complicated to make your head spin. Just enough to keep you reading and wanting more more more!  I also really liked that since this was told from multiple viewpoints, the author kept the story in the third person, rather than writing it in dual first-person. I think anything but how Meyers wrote it would have made it impossible to follow, but she executed flawlessly and I wish other authors would follow her example. I really think this is a YA paranormal book that teens and adults will absolutely love.  There was also beautifully woven and intricate detail throughout the Intangible; Meyers is clearly gifted in the art of writing, the imagery and scenes she painted with her words were stupendous.

I am not sure who my favorite character is in Intangible. Obviously there are two main characters, but Meyers does such justice to her secondary characters that they shine as brightly as Luke and Sera throughout the entire novel. I normally have a favorite and I really can’t think of one. If I was forced to choose under duress, then probably Fey. She was so kick ass!

Overall, I think everyone who likes YA and paranormal fiction should run out and get this book immediately. I mean, RIGHT NOW. Because you won’t be disappointed or let down, I promise.



It brought back the feel of her love, something he hadn’t felt for centuries.  Something that was familiar as his own voice.  Funny how a feeling could stay with a person for so long.


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Disclaimers: This book provided by the author in exchange of an honest review. Blurb and photosource courtesy of Goodreads.

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