Review: Crystal Tomb (Dark Angel Chronicles #3) by Melanie Nilles

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Review: Crystal Tomb (Dark Angel Chronicles #3) by Melanie NillesCrystal Tomb by Melanie Nilles
Series: Dark Angel Chronicles #3
Published by Prairie Star Publishing on 5/30/2011
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 220
Format: eBook
Source: Author

The Shirukan aren't the only threat to the Starfire shard Raea bears...\r\n\r\nAn alien enemy has awakened to reclaim the crystal that was theirs, and those last survivors of a war that nearly destroyed Inar'Ahben aren't afraid to kill anyone who stands in their way.\r\n\r\nAn ancient monument to a mythical civilization on Earth may hold the key to stopping the new enemy, if the secret of its origins can be unlocked. Raea is running out of time to solve the most puzzling question of human history and resolve the conflict brought to Earth. If she fails, she may lose more than the Starfire...

Like angels, ancient history and mysteries? Then you’ll love Crystal Tomb, the 3rd installment in the Dark Angel Chronicles by author Melanie Nilles! Crystal Tomb continues to follow the trials and tribulations of Raea and Elis, two Inari living on earth, protecting one of the remaining crystal shards. This book is so much more intriguing than Starfire Angels and Broken Wings. And that’s not to say they were lacking, because they really weren’t. But Melanie Nilles takes it several steps further in Crystal Tomb, bringing us to places like the lost city of Atlantis, Giza and once again, Inar ‘Abhen. God, I love Inar ‘Abhen. I want to go there. Crystal Tomb starts out warm and cozy. Raea and Elis have reunited after Broken Wings and are completely in lurv. Elis is continuing to teach Raea the Inari ways, so she can really BE a Crystal Keeper and maintain control of her powers. I don’t want to spoil this book for you. So I won’t, you’ll just have to read it. Let’s just say a lot of stuff happens, someone is nearly fatally injured and new characters were introduced. By the way, those new characters – their introduction was pretty neat and I loved the (somewhat gruesome) descriptions. You can tell the author has quite a visual imagination! There is a lot of action in Crystal Tomb, with some very surprising – and pleasant – plot twists, that left me reeling a little. I love plot twisties! I also loved that we get more background on the Inari. I also love love LOVE how she writes the “bad guys.” Sometimes I think they are my favorite characters, simply because they are so evil and twisted and unbelievable, and that helps make a great fantasy novel. We also get to learn a lot more about Elis in Crystal Tomb, so much so that there is a nice lead-in to Origins of the Dark Angel, which is due for release this winter. I did get confused a little when Raea’s taken back in time…I had trouble keeping track of who was who and when was when. I can’t be more specific than that without giving key arcs in the storyline away, but suffice it to say, it doesn’t detract from the story too much, and it was so intriguing, I wanted to continue reading anyway. Oh and dun dun duuuuunnnnn! Guess who’s back?! “It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings!” I said “love” a lot in this review, so guess what? I think you’ll love this book, too! 

Favorite Quote

Nare said nothing but bowed her head.  She respected the Crystal Keepers.  What would she be like as one?



About The Author

(courtesy of Goodreads) Melanie Nilles grew up on a western North Dakota cattle ranch and farm. Along with her interest in horses, she always had a fascination with science fiction and fantasy. After high school, she graduated from North Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She currently resides in central North Dakota with her family, which includes her husband and kids, and three cats. Her published works include the STARFIRE ANGELS series and the LEGEND OF THE WHITE DRAGON epic. Besides writing, she also trains and shows her horse in dressage. For updates, visit her website at 

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