How Many Plugins Is “Too Many”?

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We have 42 36 active plugins.

I feel like that is a ton of plugins, compared to what (I believe) other bloggers have.  I’m a bit of a plugin junkie:  I see a plugin that looks interesting and/or useful, and I’m installing it on our site.  I’ve tried several times to get rid of some, but every time I go through the list, I can justify each one!

The List

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field


Broken Link Checker

Brute Protect

Clean Options


Comment Reply Notification

Custom Recent Posts Widget

Duplicate Post

Easy Content Templates

Easy Table

Evergreen Post Tweeter

EZ Inlinkz Linkup

Feedburner Email Widget

Floating Social Bar

Google Analytics by Yoast

Google XML Sitemaps

Gravity Form

GASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin)

Indie Author Excerpts (a custom plugin created by CreativeWhim)

iThemes Security

nrelate Flyout

Official Stat Counter Plugin

Recent Trackbacks and Pingbacks Widget

RSS Footer

SEO Redirection

SEO Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate


ThreeWP Activity Monitor

Tiger Tech plugin

Twitterlink Comments

UBB Rating Report

UBB Reading Challenges

UBB Review Requests

UBB Review to Goodreads add-on

Ultimate Book Blogger (UBB)

Updraft Plus

WordPress Editorial Calendar

WP Activity

WPtouch Mobile plugin

  THAT LIST IS EXHAUSTING (even with the ones I deleted Monday morning.  And yet I can think of many reasons I can’t get rid of the rest!   My theme is responsive, but I like the mobile themes better, because they reflow better on smartphones, so – KEEP.  My activity monitors tell me when someone is trying to login; it logs each attempt whether successful or not.  SO useful and the reason I downloaded Brute Force Protect and iThemes (to block the hackers).  We don’t use all the features of each one, but I do like the parts we are using, like hiding the login admin page with a custom URL.  And so many reasons to keep the others.  Which stresses me out a bit, because it means we aren’t running very “lean”.  Ashley at Nosegraze posted about plugins and what might be too many, and challenged bloggers to prune.  I’ve been thinking about her post for some time, and trying to weigh what we could delete in my head.  Ultimately, I only managed to get rid of six.

How many plugins do you have?  Do you think it’s too many or just right?  Or not enough?

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Jennifer is both a book nerd and professional photographer. That means she lives in the fantasy world all the time, whether of her making, or someone else's. She collects books like the Duggar family collects kids, and began waiting for her Hogwarts letter at the tender age of 33.


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10 responses to “How Many Plugins Is “Too Many”?

  1. Here are a few suggestions: * Broken Link Checker – You could leave this deactivated and only activate it like once a week/month when you feel like cleaning up links. * BruteProtect – iThemes Security also has brute force protection. It does work a bit differently from iThemes, but I’m still not sure both are needed. * Official Stat Counter Plugin – Do you really need Google Analytics AND Stat Counter? It’s up to you, but something worth thinking about. * If you use SEO by Yoast instead of SEO Ultimate, you could remove RSS Footer. SEO by Yoast comes with that feature built-in. * SEO Redirection – If you don’t have a lot of redirects set up, you could ditch this plugin and create the redirects manually with your .htaccess file. See section #2 (Using the htaccess file in your WordPress install…) for help: * ThreeWP Activity Monitor – I don’t know anything about this plugin, but I do know that iThemes Security logs login attempts. It should email you whenever there is an attempt. I guess I just question how useful this plugin is if iThemes Security also performs similar actions. * Tiger Tech plugin – I don’t think you need this. I looked up what the plugin does ( ). Unless that page is outdated, the plugin only does ONE thing: “Detects when your site is being accessed using a temporary “” URL and offers to remove it if it’s not needed.” I doubt you need that. Even the other “in the future, we may add..” things are unnecessary now that WordPress has the capability to automatically install updates without being prompted. * WP Activity – This sounds extremely similar to ThreeWP Activity Monitor?
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    • Thanks for the tips! So this is what I’ve deleted today: RSS Footer, SEO Ultimate (I previously had an issue with Yoast, but it seems to be fixed now that I’ve re-installed it), ThreeWP Activity and WP Activity (I don’t know why, but they were two different plugins from one installation – each one gave me different info, but after researching, they are obsolete now); TigerTech (it said it optimized the blog, but I had no idea what it actually did); Brute Protect (you are right, I’m utilizing everything in iThemes, so have no idea why this was even still there); UBB Rating Report plugin, because we just don’t use it at all. I have StatCounter installed just to give myself a different view of visits from GA. I also kept Broken Link Checker, because I’d never remember to do it otherwise; and I kept SEO Redirection, because there are a ton of broken images from the migration (so many, I just don’t want to even spend time fixing them) and I don’t want to hurt my SEO with 404 errors from them. OH, I also deleted XML sitemap, since Yoast does that, too.
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  2. Had to go look—I have 30 (most of which are for speediness–which seems counter-productive) Askismet BackupBuddy Better WordPress Minify Broken Link Checker Comment Luv CoSchedule Duplicate Post Easy Theme and Plugin upgrade Edit Flow ewww Image Optimizer Google Sitemap JetPack Media Library Assistant Mister Linky’s Magical Assistant No Image Link Optimize DB Polldaddy Polls Post Expirator Revive Old Post (this is 2) Starbox UBB Rating Report Add-On UBB Reading Challenges Add-On Ultimate Book Blogger Wordfence Security WordPress SEO WP-Optimize WP Missed Schedule WP Post Navigation WP Super Cache
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  3. Wow that’s a lot of plugins, although they all sound somewhat handy. I think I have about 15-20 active plugins. And 3 or 4 of those are security plugins, I also use Akismet, Commentluv and the Easy Content template plugin (love that one!). I used the Broken Link checker for a while, but it started labelling all the links to goodreads as broken and as I have a lot of links to goodreads I figured it wasn’t worth it and deleted the plugin. Isn’t trackback standard already part of wordpress?

  4. I have a multi-site with over 50 plug-ins, over 30 sites and always updated automatically without any problems so far. I always liked auto updates. I used a plug-in for auto-updates until auto update was included into WordPress core. Thanks!

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