Once Upon A Read-A-Thon: Update #1

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Once Upon A Read-A-Thon is hosted by Reading Angel, Pure Imagination, and Candace’s Book Blog, so make sure you go check them out for giveaways and challenges! I’m a bit of a slacker: I knew this was coming up, but I was out of town for the weekend and did not prepare in any way…yesterday I didn’t even read.  Some blogger I am!  But I’m catching up now (or trying to) and will be posting my updates here and on Twitter.  So I have given myself a tiny goal of one book…because I have no time to read this week, it seems! I will try to complete The “What If” Guy by Brooke Moss, which is actually very good. You should check it out!  

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

 Once Upon a Read-a-Thon Mini-Challenge!


YABliss wants to know what our top 3 love triangles are, and here are her requirements:


In my opinion, a well done love triangle should be one where the choice is not clear, where you can’t help but being torn yourself between both characters and you are uncertain as to which will end up being ‘the one’. So if you were, lets say Team Mr. Obvious from book 1, and he ended up getting the girl and you were stoked about it because you hated Mr. Wrong all along, that is NOT a good love-triangle. That is merely A love-triangle. Got it?

    So this is kinda obvious for me.  My top 3 love triangles are:  

  1. Adrian vs. Dimitri in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.  I honestly could have gone either way with Rose.  Dimitri is the handsome, god-like older man, dark and brooding with an air of mystery.  I loved him.  But I really loved Adrian, too!  Adrian is light and cheerful, flippant and humorous.  He’s the party guy every girl wants to be with at least once, if not forever should you be The One to tame his wild side.  Siiiigh.

  3. Peeta vs. Gabe in The Hunger Games Trilogy.  Gabe is sarcastic, snarky and often negative, but he totally gets Katniss.  He loves her and would do anything for her, she’s just never asked.  Peeta is the blonde, bright spot in the story, where just about everything is dark and foreboding.  He is Katniss’ light, whether she realizes it or not.  Gabe embodies determination whereas Peeta embodies hope.  I loved them both.

  5. Edward vs. Jacob in Twilight.  Yes, you know someone had to go there (and I bet I’m not the only one).  I mean, it’s Edward and Jacob, come on!

      So tell me, what are your top three love triangles and why did you choose them?

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One response to “Once Upon A Read-A-Thon: Update #1

  1. Good love triangles, I saw this challenge, and I thought of the VA triangle, and of course the twilight one….I didn’t think of hunger games right off the bat….good choices…. Happy reading!

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