Move Over, Tweet Old Post! Evergreen Post Tweeter Is My New Love

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B-Tips is less a tutorial and more a brain-dump of all the stuff I’ve learned how to do over the last couple of years. It is inspired in part by more knowledgable bloggers than myself, as well as the multiple conversations I’ve come across on Twitter, where the topic is fear of coding (usually in relation to switching from Blogger to WordPress). (This is NOT a how-to on switching. I had hiccups and help in switching, and it was many moons ago, therefore if you need or want to switch, I recommend reading one of the many tutorials out there to help guide the way). My point is, HTML and simple code is not a scary thing as long as you have Google. Or friendly bloggers to brain-dump on you. Other great references are Parajunkee’s View, NoseGraze and Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. All of them have more knowledge than me.


Move Over, Tweet Old Post! Evergreen Post Tweeter Is My New Love!

It’s super important to tweet archived posts so they don’t get lost into the abyss of forgotten moments. I love getting legit comments on old posts! But how do people find them other than searching my blog for a specific key word to take them there?

Enter Twitter.

Evergreen Post TweeterPreviously, I used Tweet Old Post to get my archived posts out into the twittersphere and it worked okay.  Oftentimes it would stop posting randomly, until I deactivated the plugin and then reactivated it, but overall, it served its purpose.  I was able customize it a bit to include or exclude by category and the functionality was good!  But the fact that it would stop posting to Twitter for no reason frustrated me so I began looking for another auto-tweeter to get out my old posts.   And then I found Evergreen Post Tweeter.


Evergreen Post Tweeter offers most of the same functionality that Tweet Old Post does:

  • You have the option to tweet posts and/or pagesEvergreen Post Tweeter
  • You can select what is tweeted by category and/or tag
  • Choose to tweet based on age of post
  • Add additional text to tweet
  • Choose your URL shortner (bitly, tinyurl, etc)

Plus one cool new feature Tweet Old Post doesn’t have:

  • Choose when your tweet goes live
Evergreen Post Tweeter


That’s right.  When.  Tweet Old Post lets you select intervals, but Evergreen Post Tweeter let’s you choose your time and the day.  I’ve selected 9am, noon, and 8pm to hit what I think are the maximum times my tweet would be seen.  I’ve seen twitter described as a radio; you only see what is “on” right then, so maximizing the time your tweet goes out is pretty important.  And besides, why waste such a great feature on a plugin? 😉

The only con I see to Evergreen Post Tweeter thus far is that it doesn’t add #hashtags to my tweets based on the tags in my post.  I’m hoping they add that as a feature in an update.  Crossing my fingers! Best of all, Evergreen Post Tweeter is FREE.  So grab it, try it out and let me know how it works for you.  It’s my newest favorite plugin.

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Jennifer is both a book nerd and professional photographer. That means she lives in the fantasy world all the time, whether of her making, or someone else's. She collects books like the Duggar family collects kids, and began waiting for her Hogwarts letter at the tender age of 33.

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