Indie Author Excerpts: Soriel (Starfire Angels: Revelations #1) by Melanie Nilles

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Welcome! Indie Author Excerpts is a feature allowing indie authors the chance to showcase one of their books and allows readers to find their next favorite story. Each week, an indie author gets to promote a 1-2 page excerpt of their book here at The Bawdy Book Blog. This is a win-win for everyone! This feature was inspired in part by Indie Author Spotlight, a meme hosted by Beckie @ Bittersweet Enchantment and CYP @ A Bookalicious Story.


This Week’s Excerpt: Soriel (Starfire Angels: Revelations #1) by Melanie Nilles!

  Genre: Young Adult/Science-fiction-Fantasy Publish Date: February 2013  

Life for Gavin Durinden is about to change from puzzling to downright odd. An intellectual prodigy with blue hair and the ability to create energy from the marks on his palms, he was always told he had a mysterious condition. However, when the scientists at NeoGen Labs begin treatments, everything changes, including the appearance of blue wings.

That’s not the half of his problems. From Kaira, an “angel” with black wings brought in to help him transform to look human again, he learns a truth hinted in his dreams; he’s neither human nor angel, nor is his real name Gavin. He’s an alien brought to Earth by an enemy known as the Shirukan, who killed his parents and changed his memories and identity with the intention of raising him as a test subject for their vile experiments. Together, Gavin and Kaira escape, but the Shirukan will fight fist and feather to reclaim him, because he holds the key to what they desire.



Gavin, Kaira, and Nare are in a cave in the desert for the night…

Gavin shivered from the cold on his back and touched the resonance for warmth. Faint glows shone from under his thin shirt. He lifted it up to count seven splotches on his front connected by tendrils radiating from each so that he looked like he’d been paintballing against someone with glowing, aquamarine paint.

He studied the glowing pattern for some time before noticing Kaira kneeling next to him and staring. He dropped his shirt and she looked up for a brief second, her thoughts scrambling in a sense of embarrassment.

“I’m sorry. I…” She trailed off for lack of words but he felt her confusion.

“It’s not your fault. Thanks for saving me.” Too weird hearing others’ thoughts and seeing the images in their minds as they did. A few days ago, he was just a prodigy with an unspecified medical condition. Now, he knew he was an alien with a condition related to something that had always been inside him, but he was still a freak by even their standards. Would he ever be normal?

Kaira flashed a quick smile and shrugged, her eyes dropping to where she drilled a hole in the loose dirt beneath her finger. “It was nothing.”

Amusement alighted from behind him and soft steps retreated. Nare had gone back inside to continue preening her feathers and leaving him and Kaira alone.

His heart focused on Kaira. “It was everything. Who knows where I’d be right now if I had stayed for more ‘treatments’. No matter what happens, I’ll always be grateful…Thank you, Kaira.” It sounded so textbook but he couldn’t think of anything else to say.

It was perfect; she smiled more fully and looked up, her eyes sparkling in the light from his hands. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a voice whispered, Go for it, Soriel.

At the ideas inspired by the thought, his heart fluttered in anticipation, even more to feel Kaira’s curiosity and wonder for him while she sat so close. He wanted to know what could be, but if he messed up…

Her thoughts mirrored his, giving him a small boost of confidence. She was afraid but curious about him, wanting to know just once what it might be like, even if they weren’t bonded as partners because it would take far more to form that permanent link, but he had the potential.

Pulled by the promise that she might accept him, he leaned close. The scramble of her feelings of uncertainty made him pause, but when she leaned towards him, he closed the gap and pressed his lips to her.

Not even the pure contentment of the other realm could compare to the breath-breaking rush of that kiss. They eased away, her as reluctant as him to end the contact. In the wan light, her eyes met his with a softer expression than he had ever seen on her, while her emotions teetered on whether to try again when the first kiss had been good but not enough.


Startled by the burst of thought from nearby, he blinked away the moment and cleared his throat. “So…um…would you, could you maybe, um, help me finish plucking feathers?”

Frustration and a scrape on the cave floor reached him from behind. It was her fault for distracting him, but they didn’t need an audience either.

“Sure,” Kaira said and moved around behind him. “You have a lot of broken feathers back here.”

“I can imagine.” But he didn’t have to; he saw it in her mind, along with her dwelling on that kiss.


About the Author

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Melanie Nilles (aka M. A. Nilles) grew up on a western North Dakota cattle ranch and farm. Along with her interest in horses, she always had a fascination with science fiction and fantasy. After high school, she graduated from North Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She currently resides in central North Dakota with her family, which includes her husband and kids, and three cats. Her published works include the Starfire Angels series and the Legend of the White Dragon epic. Tiger Born is her first book as M. A. Nilles. Besides writing, she also trains and shows her horse in dressage.


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