Indie Author Excerpts: The Last Seraph by Jennifer Rehnay

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"Indie Author Excerpts"

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“You made everything in here so ugly!”

“I don’t give an unnatural rat’s ass!” Sataniel retorted through the earthy blockade, forearms and forehead against his side of the new wall, hands in fists. Thunderous shattering came from her side again, and she called him a very unbecoming name.

“Oh yes, by all means, throw more things. You know how much that pleases me!” he yelled, wishing she needed to sleep or eat so he could make a production out of not letting her.

First, he’d been forced to deal with her crying. While some humans had the potential to sound pretty when they cried, that was not a talent Alex had. He’d once heard dying pigs and much preferred their screaming to Alex’s wails. Worse, there was no place in Pandaemonium he could stay in to escape her shrieking. It was alarming because Pandaemonium wasn’t small. Sataniel could only imagine Hell must have some sort of ventilation system he wasn’t aware of, carrying her cries everywhere.

At one point, mercifully, the noise stopped. Overcome by curiosity and ages of living alone, Sataniel actually went toward the blue room and knocked on the wall.

Maybe she was gone.

“What? You’ve come back to torture me now?!” came her voice.


“You stopped yelling,” Sataniel explained, wincing. Then, when he realized she couldn’t read his thoughts, he continued, “From the blessed silence I thought you’d finally vanished.”

“Oh! You missed the noise?” That’s when she went from being very sad to being very angry.

“I’m an atheist you know! I don’t believe in demons or the Devil or a wonderful afterlife or any of that bullshit!”

“That makes two of us!”

“How can you think you’re the Devil and not believe in the Devil, you fucking moron?!”

“Language!” Sataniel warned, disliking the way the Lucian language formed the angry slander. “I’m not the fucking Devil—you will stop breaking things!”

Alex’s yelled back, “Why doesn’t anything stay broken?!” The horrible noise was giving him a migraine and it intensified his animosity toward her. Furthermore, he didn’t recall giving her permission to touch anything in Pandaemonium, even if it was angry Alex-proof and reformed itself moments after breaking.

“Bore someone else with your stupid questions!”

“That’s not a stupid question!” Alex exclaimed as the crashing sounds slowed. Elysium be praised, perhaps she was capable of getting tired.

“It’s not exactly normal for stuff to just up and—”

No, no, no. Now she was talking. “I hate you,” Sataniel mourned privately, too quiet for her to hear.

“—replace itself after breaking and anyway if being around me is so awful then why don’t you just go away and leave me alone?!” Before Sataniel could wrap his mind around a response, she added, “Beelzebub!”

Grossly offended Sataniel beat his fist against the wall.

“You will not call me by that name!”

Their arguing went on for some time before Sataniel noticed an angelic presence behind him.

“Sataniel?” Gabriel asked.

At the voice of his most hated enemy archangel, Sataniel barred his teeth and chose to instead take a moment to respond to yet another question Alex had presented him with.

“Shut up!”

Gabriel cleared his throat. “I can see you’re having a productive day.”

“Actually,” Sataniel turned toward the archangel, staring him down, “this has been very educational. I have discovered that I cannot soundproof anything!” He flung his last words in Alex’s direction.

Fuck you!” Alex shouted through the barrier.

 “So it’s true,” Gabriel marveled, staring at the earthy wall that kept Alex prisoner. “What are you going to do with it?” His fingers toyed with Apocalyptica.

 “Do that in the privacy of your own home, will you?” Sataniel snarled. “You’re going to go blind.”


About the Author

The Last Seraph by Jennifer Rehnay Follow Jennifer Rehnay around the web: Goodreads | Website | Twitter

Jennifer Rehnay is an artist, a writer, and a gamer. Though she has lived all over the country, she currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and two cats. “The Last Seraph” is her first novel.


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Jennifer is both a book nerd and professional photographer. That means she lives in the fantasy world all the time, whether of her making, or someone else's. She collects books like the Duggar family collects kids, and began waiting for her Hogwarts letter at the tender age of 33.


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    Wow! This sounds like an amazing book! Angels, heaven hell and more? How can this not be a good read? Thank you so much for the excerpt! 🙂

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