Indie Author Excerpts: Awakening the Nightmare by Lanie Malone!

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Welcome! Indie Author Excerpts is a new feature allowing indie authors the chance to showcase one of their books and allows readers to find their next favorite story. Each week, an indie author gets to promote a 1-2 page excerpt of their book here at The Bawdy Book Blog. This is a win-win for everyone! This feature was inspired in part by Indie Author Spotlight, a meme hosted by Beckie @ Bittersweet Enchantment and CYP @ A Bookalicious Story.


This Week’s Excerpt: Awakening the Nightmare by Lanie Malone!

Genre: Adult/Urban Fantasy Publish Date: February 2012 Purchase: Kindle

In a world filled with preternatural beings, Corinne DeLacy stands alone. For centuries she has hidden her heritage and powers from the rest of the world. Then Nick is forced into her life, turning it upside down. Standing in her way at every turn, he watches her with suspicion. Circumstances landed them together and now they must fight to save all that they hold dear. Will they make it, or will her past stand in the way of their future?



She had come in this morning covered in demon blood and still amped up from chasing down one of Belfagor’s mid- level demons who had gone rogue. He had just finished slaughtering a young human couple outside of a movie theater when Cory and Edge had caught up to him, minutes too late. There had hardly been enough left of the poor people to identify them with DNA and dental records. The battle that had followed had been gruesome and finally ended when Cory managed to catch him from behind and slit his throat. It wouldn’t kill him but it slowed him down enough to get silver manacles on him so that Edge could bring him back to Belly. Belfagor would make sure he didn’t get loose again and that he suffered for his crimes for a very long time. Hoping that a bath might help soothe her, Cory started running her water and added an excessive amount of bubble bath, she hated running out of bubbles too soon. She stripped off her bloody clothes and threw them in the trash; there would be no saving those. After laying out a towel, she climbed in and bathed. When she was all clean she leaned her head back and relaxed, letting the hot water soothe her aching muscles and her unsettled thoughts. She was sitting neck deep in heaven with her eyes closed when she heard someone approaching the bathroom door. She knew who it was long before he reached the door and slammed it open. The doorknob stuck in the sheetrock wall behind the door. “Did you need something Nick or do you just get off on destroying my home?” She said it without bothering to move or even open her eyes. She could feel the anger rolling off of him but chose to ignore it. She was growing tired of being forever at war with him. It was a war she had come to realize neither of them would ever win. “What do you think you were doing going over my head and speaking to my father about Elehna?” He stopped nearly frozen in the doorway when he saw her in the bathtub. Leaned back with her feet propped up on the side of the tub and her head back, she looked positively blissful and a thousand different erotic images leapt into his mind. Stifling a groan and desperately trying to focus on his anger he continued, “She is my responsibility, therefore all decisions regarding her well being are mine to make, not my father’s and certainly not yours.” Cory rolled her eyes and sat up, crossing her arms on the side of the tub and resting her chin on them. “What would you have me do Nick? I was right. I just needed someone to back me up on it and you refused. She needs to be around people, people other than just you and your men. Keeping her locked in my apartment for all eternity is going to drive her insane.” Nick opened his mouth to respond but Cory stood up in the tub and it felt like his jaw kept going all the way to the floor. She was just as breathtaking as he had imagined and he was instantly hard. “Good God woman, I’m not a eunuch. Don’t you have any shame at all?” Cory laughed a little as she replied, “No actually, I don’t. And you know, it might not be such a bad life choice for you to get clipped. Then perhaps we could have a conversation every now and then, without all the blood rushing away from your brain.” At his shocked look she smiled and said, “Oh yes, I’ve noticed. You aren’t immune to me, no matter how much you dislike me. I think it’s because you know you can’t have me.” She leaned down to retrieve her towel off the floor and when she stood up he was right in front of her, only inches away and seriously pissed off. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked up into his eyes. He was angry yes, but there was also something a thousand times more powerful in his burning eyes; desire. Cory trembled at his nearness and that long unsatisfied hunger came rushing to the forefront of her mind once again. Nick smiled when he felt her tremble. “I’m not the only one who wants something they can’t have.” He reached up a hand and gently rubbed the back of his knuckles across her cheek. She closed her eyes and before she could stop herself she leaned into the caress. His hand reached behind her head and tilted her face up towards his own. His other hand snaked around her and pulled her close. “But who says we can’t get what we want?” Cory had a million thoughts running through her head. I’m standing here dripping wet with nothing but a towel between us. What the hell am I doing? Pull back! Stop, stop, stop! But when his lips touched hers they all went away. He was so gentle, just a light brush of his lips across hers. He was giving her a chance to pull way, a chance to say no. To hell with that. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him. Nick had never felt so relieved in his life. The past weeks had been a torment. He deepened their kiss, his tongue sweeping inside her mouth. When she started really kissing him back he thought his knees would turn to jelly. Without breaking the kiss he pulled her down to the rug with him and snatched away the towel. His hands were moving constantly, exploring every inch of her.


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Lanie Malone lives in South Louisiana, where the food is fantastic. When she isn’t chasing her two daughters, attempting to be a domestic goddess, or working on a degree in sociology, she can either be found chained to her lap top or with her nose crammed in a book. Tip toeing along the edge of sanity, her motto is, “Never go crazy alone. It is much more fun to take people with you.”

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