Got My Replacement Nook Today, Yay!

Posted on 03/05/2011 in Miscellaneous / 4 Comments

Some of you may know that the charging port on my Nook stopped working.  The microUSB end was loose in the port whenever you plugged it in, so it didn’t connect to anything – not the computer or charging plug.  I even took it to my local B&N store to have them look at it.  They gave me a new cord and charger, but tested them in store with my Nook and it still didn’t work, so it was quite obviously my Nook.  They advised me to call CS and ask for a replacement, since I am well within my one-year warranty.  This happened right at the time I received 3 eARCs from netGalley for review.  Le sigh.
So I called Barnes & Noble customer support (1-800-THE-BOOK, in case you need to know), talked to a lady who put in an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request and emailed me a pre-paid return slip and I was on my way.  That was Wednesday evening.

My old Nook in my beautiful Kate Spade case next to “newbie”

 My new Certified, Pre-Owned Nook was waiting for me at my door this morning (I didn’t even know the mailman came this early!), ready to be opened and books transferred.  Since I use Calibre for all of my non-B&N books, the library is already there, waiting to be synced with the simple press of a button.  All I have to do is plug it in. 
I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to pull my screensavers and wallpapers off of my old Nook; but I guess that also means I’ll have fun looking for and putting on new ones. Anyway, it’s that easy to get a replacement from B&N.  Sometimes they send a new Nook to you (that’s what I got last time); sometimes it’s a CPO.  Either way, I’ve been very happy with the service over the phone and in store and it’s the device I definitely recommend to all of my friends who enjoy reading.

Everyone names their Nook.  My last one was “Deuce” (for various, and obvious, reasons heh).  What should I name this one?

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Jennifer is both a book nerd and professional photographer. That means she lives in the fantasy world all the time, whether of her making, or someone else's. She collects books like the Duggar family collects kids, and began waiting for her Hogwarts letter at the tender age of 33.

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4 responses to “Got My Replacement Nook Today, Yay!

  1. flashlight_reader

    I'm hopping over from the blog hop. (Thanks for following, BTW.) I'm assuming this is your 3rd Nook, since your last one was named Deuce. You could name this one Trey… like a play on words for three. That's the best I've got at the moment. heh Sorry. It's actually sounding a little lame now that I'm thinking about it.

    Do you have the original Nook? Or, the Nook color? I have the touch screen Sony, but I'm thinking about giving it to my 8 year old son (and buying myself a new one of course). His bookshelf is starting to look like mine. I didn't get the Nook originally, because I heard you could only d/l Barnes and Noble books on it. Is that true?

  2. Fireflywishes

    Omg, I was totally going to recommend Trey or Tres as a name! lol Or you could name it after your BFF April.. just saying LOL

    Maybe you could name it Deuce 2 haha, I crack myself up!

    But really.. trey makes me think of some really hot guy in one of your paranormal romances.. 🙂

  3. Jennifer

    Ooooh, naming it after hot paranormal dudes….maybe I'll name it after Barrons from the Fever series! I'll call it Jericho, or maybe Jerry. Or JZB… Or just "Z!"

    @Flashlight Reader: I love that you got my naming references =P You can download books from just about anywhere for the Nook. As long as its a file type the Nook supports (ePub, .pdb, .pdf, and ereader files [whatever those are]), it will read the book. I've purchased about a dozen books from B&N since I got the Nook last July, but I mostly borrow ebooks from libraries, something the Nook is really good at (I think Sony is, too, actually). I've also purchased a few books from Borders and Smashwords to put on the Nook. If you want a whole bunch of info thrown at you, there is a link to at the top left bar on my blog. You'll get really great info there. =)
    Thanks for hopping by, too!

  4. LRAtRandom

    New follower here, just thought I would say hi.

    I got a nookcolor for Xmas but haven't even thought of naming it, guess I should get on that. Deuce…too funny.

    Love the bright pink cover by the way!

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