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Free to good homes!  Add these graphics to your blog to make it pop!  I’m getting my feet wet with Illustrator and would love to give everyone some free stuff while I learn!  I will continue to add to this page as I go.

Right-click on images to download for free, and then upload to your blog.  They are currently hosted through Photobucket, which has limited bandwidth.



 photo divider-double dotted_zpsf97uaqq9.png

  photo divider-double dotted-stars_zpsq5krxywp.png

 photo Divider-Dotted_butterflies_01_zpsffsl4ena.png


 photo Divider-Dotted_plain_zpssl232a4t.png


 photo Divider-Dotted_butterflies_02_zpsxvm4heds.png


 photo Divider_zpsplwxfmwg.png



 photo rating-.5-star_grey_zpsuryop6ee.png

 photo rating-1-star_grey_zpszmp7euhr.png

 photo rating-1.5-star_grey_zps86brhchm.png

 photo rating-2-star_grey_zpsdav58kfv.png

 photo rating-2.5-star_grey_zpsqfj5vykm.png

 photo rating-3-star_grey_zps8xqshlfv.png

 photo rating-3.5-star_grey_zpsyjpvqojc.png

 photo rating-4-star_grey_zpsnwj2ofc5.png

 photo rating-4.5-star_grey_zpsvmeyfuud.png

 photo rating-5-star_grey_zpsc5rjtidw.png


Coming soon!

Social Icons

Coming soon!

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