#FearTheWalkingDead Series Premiere Review

Posted on 08/24/2015 in Miscellaneous, Movies / 4 Comments

Spoiler free!!

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 Review What an episode!  TWD fans will enjoy but beware, Fear the Walking Dead should be watched with an open and fresh mind.  This is NOT TWD and these are not the same characters. Fear the Walking Dead is set in L.A. so there are more people and a busier environment, which I think is going to be the perfect setting for the beginning of the  ZA.  The beginning is admittedly slow but it’s with a purpose. The story arc is building so we get a first-hand glimpse at how the zombie apocalypse begins, blame being placed solely on an epidemic of a very common illness. A lot of this episode centers around a teenage junkie called Nick, who thinks he’s seen something terrible take place, but is convinced he’s either crazy or his drugs were laced with something that is making him crazy.  Between him and another kid who also expresses a strange premonition that something bad is going to go down, you get that strange gut feeling that things are about to go south, and quickly.  Where Rick woke up to a world that was already lost, it will be exciting to see the world become lost in the urban streets of Los Angeles. It’s not without its flaws. Some of the characters come off as too stupid to live, making poor choices or reacting in ridiculous ways. And btw, these are almost always the adults doing this, which makes them a little more unbelievable to me. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to spoil things but I will say that if you give the cops information, you expect it to be followed up.  Despite that, I can forgive it. Overall the show was great. What the premier lacks in action, it makes up in setting a great foundation for future episodes.    And who doesn’t want to know what caused the zombie apocalypse anyway? I know I do! TWD is about survival of the fittest. #FTWD is about fear: fear for your life; fear that everything you thought you knew is wrong; fear that fiction might just be reality after all. TWD is about survival of the fittest. #FTWD is about fear: fear for your life; fear that… Click To Tweet It was exciting and tense and I can’t wait for next Sunday.

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    • Hahaha “two of them work in a school” makes me laugh harder than it probably should. Those two were the only questionable things for me, really. Baby Lord Voldemort was great though. Incredible acting.

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