Discussion: Which e-reader do you prefer?

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Which e-Reader Do You Prefer?

I picked up my very first e-reader in July of 2010.  I felt like I was very late to the e-reader market, because everyone had a Kindle!  But I was being very diligent and wanted to research the best reader for ME.  The Nook Wifi had just debuted on the market with its touch-screen interface on the bottom, and I thought I was all hot potatoes having learned things like which reader was best for checking out ebooks from libraries, or which reader would last longer, and which reader had the best e-ink display. Seriously, you guys, it was a major problem. I ultimately chose to go with the Nook Wifi because I wanted the most library options, but not too soon after, publishers and Overdrive turned everything on its head and began offering more ebooks in Kindle format.  Whole worlds of opportunities began to open up for people with e-readers.  I even know people who read ebooks solely on their smart phones! My own personal trek through e-reading began with the Nook Wifi in white, then migrated to the Nook Color (which I hated and sold almost immediately – it should be noted, I always sell a previous device to pay for the new one!).  I then picked up the iPad 2, and to supplement reading on the beach, which is impossible with any tablet, I also bought a Nook Simple Touch two years ago.  But as all things e-reader, I’ve again morphed through two new iPads and a Kindle Paperwhite. A total list of my ereaders in chronological order:

  1. Nook Wifi
  2. Nook Color
  3. iPad 2
  4. iPad Mini
  5. Nook Simple Touch
  6. Kindle Paperwhite (currently own)
  7. iPad Mini w/ Retina (currently own)

That’s a lot of e-readers in less than four years…  To the polls!

How Many e-Readers Have You Owned?

For this poll, you get one vote.

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What e-Readers Have You Owned?

Make sure you vote for each one you’ve owned!

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And let us know in the comments, why you chose your ereader(s)!

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Jennifer is both a book nerd and professional photographer. That means she lives in the fantasy world all the time, whether of her making, or someone else's. She collects books like the Duggar family collects kids, and began waiting for her Hogwarts letter at the tender age of 33.


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18 responses to “Discussion: Which e-reader do you prefer?

  1. Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun

    I’ll be excited to see the results of the poll! I use my smartphone for a lot of reading. But I also have a Windows Surface Tablet that I use with all the Nook/Kindle/etc apps.

  2. I use my phone for reading a lot, but I don’t really consider it an ereader. I will always go for Nook over Kindle for a couple reasons: 1. There’s always a store to go to for troubleshooting should o ever need it 2. They support ePub files which is more universal than .mobi files that the kindle requires. The nook simple touch is great for reading outside, And I just purchased the nook hd because it was on sale on black Friday and I’ve been wanting a tablet like reader for a while, I love reading on both devices though I do still prefer the look of the simple touch for books.

  3. sarah c.

    I started off with just a nook color but I saw a bunch of books that you can get on kindle so I got a kindle too. My son kept on grabbing my nook and discovered youtube- watching cartoons and all sorts so when I came home from work I had a dead battery.. So I bought myself up a Nook hd.Another reason I got that was I was having problems with my laptops wifi connections. I also use my nook to read in the dark-for paperbacks books..

  4. I filled out the first poll wrong. *facepalm* I thought it asked how many I *currently* own. I started out with a Kindle and have stayed with the Kindle. I just ordered a Paperwhite (my 4th Kindle) and I’m awaiting its arrival. I originally went with the Kindle because there seemed to be more deals and freebies with Kindle books, and that proved to be true. It’s still true today. And I’m like you, I have to sell the ereader I have before I upgrade.
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  5. Jess

    I started off with the original Nook Wi-Fi, then moved up to a Nook Color, and now I own the Nook HD+. His name is Gandalf and he really is my precious…I never leave home without him! 🙂 I also installed the Kindle app on it and use that for NetGalley.

  6. Jenn

    Way back when I decided to get my first ereader, I went with a Sony Reader Touch because I’m Canadian and didn’t want to go the Kindle route as it seemed like a pain in the butt at the time. So eventually, Kobo came out and after a year or two of begging my husband, he finally let me get a Kobo Touch. I loved it so much more than the Sony Reader at the time. Shortly after the touch, my husband decided that he wanted to get a tablet and got a Nexus 7. I tried reading on it some, I’m not a fan of the backlit screen. Occasionally I will read on my smartphone, if I’m waiting in an extremely long line up or something like that. And finally, I got myself a Kobo Glo a little over a year ago for Christmas. I love it and find it’s lighting much easier on the eyes than a computer or tablet. I will probably upgrade again eventually because I love getting new technology.

  7. I originally had a Sony reader. I hardly used it though because I always thought the ebooks were a bit pricy. I then got my iPad, which has both the Nook and the Kindle app on it. Reading on my iPad got a bit tiresome. As a student I’m constantly on my computer. So reading on a computer like device really wasn’t all that great. So now I primarily read on my Nook Simple Touch, which I got a year ago. I still use my iPad to read using the Kindle app. I find that it’s just easier to use the Kindle for NetGalley and Edelweiss. Plus it gives me the chance to shop around for the cheapest book prices (Nook version, Kindle version, or the plain ol’ physical book). I’ve been considering getting a Kindle for a while now since my eARC reading has increased, but I just haven’t been able to get myself to pay the money for it. I’ll continue to think about it.
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  8. I have the original Nook. Barnes and Noble giftcards were standard birthday and Christmas present from half my family, so purchasing a Nook over other e-readers made sense. I’ve had my Nook for 3-4 years, and I still love it. I’m not keen on replacing it anytime soon. If I’m in a bind, I might use my iphone, but I prefer not reading off a something that is backlit.

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