D-Day Is Coming: The End of Google Reader Is July 1st, 2013

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We posted about this back in March, and now that the end date draws nigh, we want to remind you that if you use Google Reader to get your RSS-subscribed content, you need to find another way to get that content, and your deadline is approaching in less than one week.

This is how much time you have left:



Are you prepared?

You have many options to get your content:




The Old Reader

Flipboard (this is a mobile-only app)



Digg also just finished their RSS reader and it will be available to everyone (obviously with a Digg account) by Wednesday 6/26.  They are rolling it out in phases as we speak.

Google has given us time to figure things out and there are days left now before you will no long have access to your reader and you will have to re-subscribe to every blog you follow.  For some, this may be a good way to clean house and start over.  For me, it would be dreadful to lose all the blogs I follow, because I am terrible with names and I don’t want to lose the opportunity to find out about books – or giveaways!  Hint:  we’ve got one giveaway each week all summer, so you definitely want to keep following us 😉

So, go forth with your bad self and RSS to your heart’s content.  Just make your switch before the month ends.

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