Commenting Systems: What do you use?

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Native Commenting System vs. Disqus and LiveFyre

Awhile ago, we were using Disqus and then we switched to Livefyre, because the live comments was engaging.  I really liked both for a number of reasons and I kind of want to go back to one of them, but can’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger.  So I’m going to detail here why I like each and let you weigh in, too.


Well, first, it cuts down on the spam.  Lately, the spammers are ignoring me, but it seems to come in waves.  When I had Disqus install, there was virtually no spam getting through because spammers won’t sign up, since it’s mostly bots anyway. I also liked the community integration with Disqus – ie. being able to see when someone has responded to your comment when you log into a blog that has it installed (since they are all linked) or to the Disqus dashboard itself.  I was a much better commenter back then. Disqus also shows when a new comment has been posted, rather than refreshing, which is nice. (btw, does anyone else pronounce it “discus” instead of “discuss”?  I know the latter is the correct way and yet, my brain simply does not want to process it.  No?  Just me? Con:  Disqus isn’t pretty and they all look the same.


Livefyre was pretty ingenius when it came out, because it offered a few things Disqus offered, plus a couple of other neat features: like tagging!  I could tag people in posts similar to Twitter, or people could opt to follow a conversation and get notifications as the conversation happened – or not.  It was pretty handy and I liked it a lot. There is also their new feature called LiveFyre Sidenotes, which looks fun to use and engage in conversation on particular snippets of text in the blogpost.  I kind of want to try that out! Cons:  I ran into a major postback issue where LiveFyre stopped posting comments back to the WordPress dashboard.  It was fixed but it took three weeks of emails between my host support and Livefyre support to resolve it.  A month or so later, something else broke and I said “to hell with this” and removed it and went back to using the native commenting system. Oh yeah and LiveFyre is also ugly like Disqus.

The Native Commenting System

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers say they prefer native above all else.  I guess I can see why:  it matches the blog style, so no extra custom CSS is required, there won’t be any postback issues, and (for some bloggers) it doesn’t require you to sign into anything to comment (although…you still need to fill out fields if the blog doesn’t accept anonymous comments).  I get it.  But, it’s just not community-friendly to me.  Oh sure, that’s what CommentLuv is for, but who really uses that?  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve ever clicked on a CommentLuv link from someone else’s comment in either my or another’s blog post.  So is it even really relevant or just a plugin we say we like to “use” to make us feel better about not using a third party?   That said, I guess I have some thinking to do on what we’re installing, if anything.

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14 responses to “Commenting Systems: What do you use?

  1. I have a wordpress blog and I block spam through the combination of a WordPress Simple firewall, askismet and commentluv. I have the native comment system. I like commentluv as it automatically shows the link to the latest blog post on the blog of the one who comments. Beside commentluv I have comment reply notification installed which e-mails me when there’s a new comment on my blog and comments not replied to which let me know how many comments don’t have a reply yet. I always try to comment back and click the commentluv link to visit their blog. Many blogs I visit have disqus and I like that system as well. I don’t remember ever seeing Livefyre or maybe I just don’t recognize the name.

    • I have CommentReply as well, it’s a very handy plugin. For some reason, CommentLuv has stopped working on my blog, and I need to figure out why. It also doesn’t work when I post to other people’s blogs, so it’s something with my feed. Livefyre is kind of like Disqus, but has more features.

  2. I prefer WP’s native commenting system. It doesn’t require anyone to be logged into any 3rd party account, but they can enter their name, email, website as they please. I have multiple blogs so it annoys me when I have to login using some account that can only display one website.

    • That’s the reaction a lot of people have, but if you set up your profile with that login, your name is linked right to your blog! I feel like that’s a win right there.\nOn a separate note, I had to uninstall commentluv because it’s not working for some reason. I can’t figure out why.

  3. DISQUS bugs the every loving crap out of me. I don’t use it but I hate it with a passion. Because it emails me 3 times to let me know someone has replied back to my comment I left on their post. I only need to know 1 time. I not real familiar with LIVEFYRE. I’ve not used it on my blog either. I may have only ran across it when you were using it. I use the native to my theme and recently added Comment Luv. And I’ve click on my commenters’ links to their posts or other comments on other blogs.

    • Not many people have used it. The only other blog I’ve seen use it is Cuddlebuggery, but they also dropped it. CommentLuv isn’t working for me on my blog or any other blogs, and I believe it’s related to my feed. Can’t figure out what it is though.

  4. The blog is looking great! I’ve never used LiveFyre in my blog but I’ve had problems commenting in other blogs that have it. I have a Disquis account that I use to comment on other blogs, but I don’t use it either. I sticking with Comment Luv for now and I love that it emails me comments with links to blogger’s last post. I use Askimet and Stop Spam Comments for spam and it works great.

  5. I prefer the native commenting system. I think Disqus and Livefyre are so clunky looking. I also see how using these third party sites can be annoying/weird for commenters. I guess it’s not a huge deal for me since I now have a Disqus account and such, but for a brand new commenter it might put them off.

    “Oh sure, that’s what CommentLuv is for, but who really uses that? I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve ever clicked on a CommentLuv link from someone else’s comment in either my or another’s blog post. So is it even really relevant or just a plugin we say we like to “use” to make us feel better about not using a third party?”

    Are you talking about the link to most recent post that CommentLuv includes? I use that ALL the time!! I mostly use it on my own blog when replying to comments there, but sometimes I use it on other blogs as well. It’s a super quick and easy way to see if a blogger has a new post that interests you. That’s often how I decide whether or not to check out the other person’s blog. I’m often too lazy to go check the blog of EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON. who leaves a comment. But if CommentLuv pulls out an interesting post, BAM, I’m so there. The main thing I love about the default commenting system is: 1. It’s quick. 2. It’s easy. 3. It’s clean. 4. It matches your design. It doesn’t stick out the ugly/bulky way that Livefyre and Disqus do. Also you can definitely cut back on spam. I only get like… maybe one spam comment per week week (which Akismet catches anyway) since I implemented my new method.
    Ashley’s latest thoughts >> What Kind of Blogger am I?

    • I use commentluv when it’s on my own blog, because it’s just easiest to get to someone’s post from there, but I really never look at the link on other blogs, unless it is something that truly just catches my eye. I don’t know why I’m so blind to it. I’ve also noticed that most professional blogs use a commenting system like Disqus, or lately, Facebook Comments. I guess I just like the ease of use with those, because I’m already logged in and can see when my own comments are responded to. I have Comment Reply installed on here, but not everyone utilizes that plugin, so I’m kind of trusting them to have it. I will never remember to go back to it, otherwise. I’ve noticed my spam has dropped significantly since I migrated. Akismet seems to be dropping the ball lately, though, because more spam is slipping through than before. I did see your post before – but forgot about it! I’ll have to implement those changes.
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