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Indie Author Excerpts: Awakening by Melanie Nilles

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Indie Author Excerpts Welcome! Indie Author Excerpts is a feature allowing indie authors the chance to showcase one of their books and allows readers to find their next favorite story. Each week, an indie author gets to promote a 1-2 page excerpt of their book here at BookShelfery. This is a win-win for everyone! This feature was inspired in part by Indie Author Spotlight, a meme hosted by Beckie @ Bittersweet Enchantment and CYP @ A Bookalicious Story.  Are you an author that would like to be featured in Indie Author Excerpts? If so, check out this page and fill out the form.   [indie-author-excerpt] The old book of the Pallora Fen did indeed carry some interesting passages. Darrac flipped another page of the illuminated text on the table under the steady glow of the lantern. He was mentioned in the book several times, glorious in his victories. The reminiscence added color to the faded memories from long ago. He had forgotten many of the details. The book filled them in, but not the way he would expect. The language of the scribe who had written about the battles left him sober. The expressions described him to be a beast or monster, heartless, and savage. Daemons were not heartless. They fought for a purpose that the humans didn’t understand because of the misconceptions planted by the luriel. Daemons were driven to win their complete freedom, but the Pallora Fen refused to see the truth. And they mislead Lilly. Lilly… A part of him longed to be near her, to caress her soft skin, hold her slender body close, breathe in her intoxicating scent— “No!” In a rage, he pounded his fists on the book. The lantern clattered and wobbled on the desk but settled again. The sounds echoed back to him in microseconds, magnifying in the study. A moment later, all settled into quiet once more. But Darrac noticed something else—the trembling of his hands. What was wrong with him? What was happening? He looked down at the passage he had been reading about one of the defeats of the worshipers of the luriel at the hands of the magi under his leadership. He had been that general of men and daemons whose guidance had ushered in an age of virtually no celemae. That had been him, the respected frael. Now, he was losing himself and his position in the ranks of Velok. It had to be Lilly, but she had done nothing, or at least not consciously. She was too naïve. Staying away from her these past two days had been the hardest trial; he could have been an addict trying to cleanse himself of a poison. He had to stay away, to severe the bonds she had sealed upon him. While he was there, the Fen were training her, making her stronger. He would be forced to give up and admit defeat, to return to Velok a failure. That wasn’t an option. He would succeed, somehow. But without her, he saw no chance. With her came other risks he hadn’t anticipated. A knock on the door drew him from the turmoil inside. “Enter.” The heavy wooden door creaked open to reveal the pale and always worried face of the young Mage Larus. “My lord. I…ah…” “Speak!” He was in no mood for stammering or for their interruptions. Like flies on a carcass, the magi hung on him, which was why he had resorted to hiding himself away and losing himself in an aura of the past through the words of the text. “Y—Yes…My lord, we have an update on the mortas.” The mage waited, his shoulders rounded and hunched in fear. Finally, some news to interest him. “Go on.” Larus pulled a piece of paper from beneath the wide sleeve of his robe and unfolded it with an irritating rustle. “We intercepted a communication from the carrier TRAS Havoc. It said they’ve retrieved ‘several individuals, including those who killed the monsters in Gowran and are repositioning near the last sighting of the new flying creature’, which Archmage Harrel assumes means the mortas.” “Have they given the names of those individuals?” They must have meant the slayers, and if Mychel was among them, that one would be out of his way from competing for Lilly. A vise clenched around his heart—it shouldn’t have been possible to feel that human—his breath stuck in his throat. “Several, Lord Darrac.” “You have them?” Larus nodded and held the paper up. “Digkiv Eirhkin, Malika Timov, Mychel Viltis…” So, Mychel was among them. Perfect. The slayer was away from Lilly. “And a woman who happened to accompany Mychel Viltis. Her name is—” “Lilly.” “Yes.” Larus’s brows pressed into a curious expression. The world stopped around Darrac in that moment. His plan would backfire if he lost her. He would never forgive himself if he lost her. In a blink, the room disappeared and he found the mortas resting in the ruins of a town with the carrier already a dot over the horizon. The light of the luriel in the celemae approached.  

About Melanie Nilles

Melanie Nilles grew up on a western North Dakota cattle ranch and farm and graduated with a degree in business administration from NDSU. She currently resides in central North Dakota with her family, cats, and horse. Her published works include the Starfire Angels series. As M. A. Nilles, she publishes darker adult fiction, including the fantasy Tiger Born, the first of her Demon Age series. For updates, visit her website a

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