Bookish Discussion: Charlie Swan Was the Most Under-rated Character in Twilight

Posted on 09/03/2015 in Discussion / 10 Comments

This past weekend, I decided to watch Twilight again for the first time in years. It was just as bad/good as I remembered it.  But it was only this weekend that I realized…Charlie Swan was the best and most under-rated character in these movies.  To illustrate my point, I shall present the rest of this post in memes.

Charlie Swan’s comedic timing was perfect.

Charlie Swan was the best part of Twilight


Charlie Swan's comedic timing was perfect.  

He wasn’t pushy about the whole sex thing, but he appreciated Edward’s – ahem – more traditional values.

Charlie Swan  

Despite the awkwardness between he and Bella, he was a good father.

Charlie Swan was a great father

I mean, a DAMN good father.

Charlie Swan was a great father

And also remember when he frantically searched the woods for Bella and then carried her out, broken heart and all?!


Despite his friends’ unusual abilities, he generally just rolled with the punches.

Charlie Swan was not easily surprisedCharlie Swan

People changing into werewolves.  NBD.


BTW, Charlie Swan is actually kind of hot.

Charlie Swan was hot.

(No, really.  See exhibit A below.)




When he knew he was outnumbered, well, bottom’s up!

AKA he’s also smart.

Charlie Swan  

Twilight, AKA Charlies Swan: Vampire Slayer

Charlie Swan Vampire Slayer

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10 responses to “Bookish Discussion: Charlie Swan Was the Most Under-rated Character in Twilight

  1. The first movie was ALWAYS my favourite. And I wish the others had never been made, except for Jessica’s rant in the second movie and maybe a little bit for Charlie. He is great in the first movie. I’m on leave at the moment and I thought about watching Twilight again, fast forwarding through all the bad vamp crap though cos that was LAME. And didn’t have any of the pretty, pretty RPattz face from back when he still shaved and stuff. SUCH NOSTALGIC, SIMPLER TIMES.
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