Blogger Interview: Discussing Dreamfever with My Shelf Confessions & Kindle Fever

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On July 1st, 2010, I bought my very first e-reader, the original WiFi Nook.  It’s been all down-hill from there A few days later, I joined Nookboards, where April @ My Shelf Confessions (before My Shelf Confessions or The Bawdy Book Blog came into existence) hung out, discussing books.  We quickly became friends and let our inner nerds fly.  I would go on to pick up Darkfever on a Barnes & Noble Freebie Friday later on that summer, read it in practically one sitting, and then devour the next three (Bloodfever, Faefever and Dreamfever) in the span of about 10 days.  Hey, a girl’s gotta work! I begged and begged April to read it, and she assured me she would.  She had picked up Darkfever, too.  Months later, April recommended that I read Vampire Academy (if you know April, you know she loves her boarding school books!) at which time, I made her a deal: I’d read Vampire Academy when she read the Fever books (because I had just finished Shadowfever and I was still blown away).  Deal?  Deal. I fulfilled on my end of the bargain fairly quickly, as much as I’d have liked to have held out for her to read the Fever series, because Vampire Academy looked quite awesome (it was).  And thus began months of nagging reminding April that she still needed to read the Fever books!  Bex from Kindle Fever even joined in periodically, threatening with whips and other S&M methods.  Little did we know, it only took one teeny, tiny phrase before she caught the Fever…because April luuuuuurves books about books:


And BAM! She was reading it a couple of days later and finished the whole series in less than 3 weeks.  Can I get an “I told you so?”  Hehehe.

I got the idea to interview her after Dreamfever, before she started Shadowfever, because knowing how everything ends, I love to see the theories and fresh ideas from someone who hasn’t read it before and is seeing things for the first time.  But especially with how Dreamfever ends, I wanted to get her take on it (and punish her a little – that’s one helluva cliffhanger!).  So without further adieu, here is the interview!  (Oh hey, that totally rhymed).

Blogger Interview: Discussing Dreamfever with April @ My Shelf Confessions and Bex @ Kindle Fever

(**BEWARE: Interview will contain spoilers from first 4 books**)

Kindle Fever (Bex) sets topic to “We Caught the Fever” Kindle Fever: What are your thoughts??? My Shelf Confessions (April): I’m wondering why Ryodan was trying to get Mac killed. MSC: Or what his agenda was…And bummed that (so far as it seems) Barrons got killed.  Although, I really can’t quite believe he’s dead. The Bawdy Book Blog (TBBB): Okay, wait.  Is it Barrons?  Do you think it’s him? MSC: From her reaction pretty sure it was him.  The only other choice would be V’Lane.. but ..hmm. TBBB: What’s been your favorite part of the book and series so far? MSC: I really like the spunk of Mac and Barron’s relationship, how they tease each other. TBBB: They do tease a LOT! MSC: And drive each other nuts, but they both really like it, they just don’t admit it.

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TBBB: Are you in love with Barrons yet? LOL KF: Yesss are you? [Bex clearly is in love with him as well] TBBB: He’s my book boyfriend. MSC: Haha actually, I’m not really in love with him! TBBB: WHAT?! KF: But you like him?! KF: Like a lot more than at first? MSC: I actually am still in love with Dimitri Belikov [from the Vampire Academy series] way more. TBBB: *gasp* MSC: Yeah I like him a lot more than I did. KF: I love Bones more. MSC: I love Barrons when he laughs. TBBB: Yes, very sinister LOL. MSC: And my FAV part of all the books is when him and Mac are jumping up and down naked to the song Tubthumper. MSC: I <3 that scene. TBBB: Hahaha, yeah, that was pretty awesome. MSC: I love that song too. TBBB: Who knew Barrons could be silly? MSC: I liked he showed a side of himself that no one else gets to see, in those moments. TBBB: When he was saving her from being Priya, I think that was my favorite part, because of what you just said.  He plastered photos of her life on the walls to bring her back. TBBB: Okay, so theories? MSC: Oh man, I’ve got a ton.  a) Barrons is the author of the book that Dani took photos of that was in Ro’s study.  That he was imprisoned in Fae and watched the Fae take advantage of Pri-ya.  We know he spent alot of time in Fae..that he discovered some way to kill them.  Also.. I think he might have had some relationship with the King’s concubine. TBBB: What makes you think so? MSC: He was WAY to invested in how she died.. and the reason for it.  Like, that he HAD to turn dark in order to save her.  When Mac said he should’ve been happy to have her for just as long as a mortal.  He didn’t agree, he had strong opinions… more strong and passionate than just a mere observer. TBBB: Oh yes, and he said sometimes we do dark things for a good reason, or something like that. MSC: Yeah.  And we know V’Lane is pissed at him.  OH my other theory is that Barrons was one of the King’s experiments and became powerful as he spent more time in Fae. TBBB: That’s an interesting theory!  So who do you think killed Alina now? MSC: Well I was pretty sure it was the LM at first, but over time I’ve sort of suspected it wasn’t him.  He really seemed to care about much as he could.. and it’s kinda stupid of him to try to convince Mac how much he cared for Alina.  I mean why waste his breathe when he can just Voice her? TBBB: That makes sense. MSC: And since the way #4 ended..I’m wondering if it wasn’t Ryodan. TBBB: Why Ryodan? MSC: Because he knew Barron so intimately, and Ryodan was in charge of Barron’s properties. TBBB: Okay, so next question:  WHO is the Unseelie King? MSC: That is a very good question [and] one I’ve been pondering over A LOT.  One of my theories actually was that it was Barrons. TBBB: Do you still think it is?  I mean, it would sort of make sense… MSC: I’m sort of undecided..I kinda think it might be.  There’s a reason why he has so much power over the Unseelie.  The LM even leaves him alone.  All Fae fear him. TBBB: Even the Shades. MSC: He can make even the Hunters obey his commands… TBBB: What questions do you want answered in Shadowfever?  Besides the obvious, of course. MSC: Haha well OF COURSE I want to know who Ryodan killed.  Well.. I’m not even sure whatever it is is really dead.  In this series, anything can happen.  I want to know who the Unseelie King is.  I think Ryodan might be playing a bigger role than I ever thought..because he was in Chester’s and like watched all the Unseelie’s feast on humans and didn’t care and he wouldn’t let Mac kill any Unseelie’s but it was OK for Unseelie to kill humans.  That part didn’t add up with me. TBBB: I also thought it was odd.  What do you think of Ro, Dani and the rest of the ‘seers? MSC: I think Rowena is a relative of Mac’s some where.  She has a closer relationship to Mac than she let’s on I think. TBBB: Okay, so last question…Okay two.  First:  Sinsar Dubh, WTF?! MSC: Yesss that is a puzzle.  I’m curious to know who the woman in the book was, if she has any significance other than it took her out of Mac’s head since she was pondering the wards around the forbidden libraries.  And I’m really curious why it hasn’t taken her, it’s had chances.  And she’s probably more powerful than anything it’s had so far. TBBB: Probably. MSC: Every trial by fire has only forged her even more, shaped her into more of a weapon.

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TBBB: Okay, so I have another question before my final.  What is Mac? MSC: That’s also very tough.  And one i don’t have many theories about.. there’s that prophecy that she thinks might mean she’s the doom of the world.  But not quite sure i believe that.  I wonder if she was another experiment, maybe the Fae mixed with humans and tried to create a new race … I’m curious about that dark pool in her mind , where she’s never wanted to plumb the depths because she’s not sure what she’ll find will be good. TBBB: Okay, so last question: On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, what would you rate the series so far? MSC: I would give it at least a 4 right now.  Although, if I hadn’t been told how amazingtastic the following books were I could’ve held off reading book 2.  But after book 2 I was pretty hooked..heck I was hooked most of book 1 except for the ending. TBBB: So Bex, I’d say, April has caught the Fever! MSC: Yeah, I think I’m pretty Feverish now!

  April & Bex, thanks for doing this with me, I had a lot of fun!  

The Outtakes


KF: dude i tried placing all random characters into the position haha… random

MSC: whatever Jenn you know you loved it for the hott sex alone pffs TBBB: Hahaha, I’d totally do him TBBB: never get out of bed MSC: LOL getting hott in herr KF: LOL!

TBBB: What’s Barrons famous saying about Death? TBBB: Bex probably knows this LOL MSC: WOOT WOOT I forget it i know I’ve probably read it a million times you’re born alone, you die alone i know that’s one oh yeah! you’re not dead until you walk in the ashes and nothing comes back up TBBB: Nothing is dead until you’ve burned it and kicked around it’s ashes or something like that.  And even then, its not totally a sure thing.

MSC: I love Dani, she’s one of my fav characters. I love her spunk and her fuck-you attitude. TBBB: She’s pretty amazingtastic lol. TBBB: I love how she wants to do everyone.  Well, every guy. MSC: Haha yes TBBB: “I’m going to give him my virginity” MSC: Well esp V’Lane and Barrons.  I love how she’ll take either one, she doesn’t care LOL. TBBB: Mac would kick her ass if Dani took Barrons lololol! MSC: hahahaa yeah..  More like if Barrons took Dani TBBB: right LOL! MSC:  LOL don’t think she’d get near him if he didn’t let her. KF: like Barrons would lol MSC: ha for sure, he’d swat her away like a fly.

MSC:  Mac has changed A LOT.  Through all her experiences, they seem to be making her stronger. KF: This is when I stopped wanting to strangle her. Well, mostly.

TBBB: First:  Sinsar Subh, WTF?! MSC: Yesss that is a puzzle KF: Subh MSC: Hah Dubh TBBB: Dubh  LMAO good one for the outtakes

TBBB: Okay, so last question: On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, what would you rate the series so far? MSC: LOL I knew you’d ask. TBBB: You can be honest, I won’t keel over and die if its not a 5 LMAO! KF: 1 TBBB: :O MSC: Hahaha! KF: LOL! MSC: I would give it at least a 4 right now. KF: Jenn will PRETEND not to die.  LOL MSC: It’s not many series that make me read books back to back. KF: A 4! Even my average was a 4.5. MSC: Although, if I hadn’t been told how amazingtastic the following books were I could’ve held off reading book 2 but after book 2 I was pretty hooked..heck I was hooked most of book 1 except for the ending. KF: But I’d rate the whole thing 5, even after number 4 lol. I think it’s better when you have the story together MSC: I said SO FAR it was a 4. [April’s gettin’ snarky! Must be from all that reading about Mac & Barrons!]

TBBB: April was so funny.  She was like, “I like books about books.”  I said, “You know, Fever is technically a book about a book.”  I practically could see her salivate. MSC: I haven’t read all the books haha.  Hah yeah.  You could’ve saved yourself a lot of months Jenn, if only you’d said so earlier.  But damn you for knowing my weak spots now! KF: This is so not a series with mainly standalone books. TBBB: Didn’t even think about it LOL. KF: LOL  Yeah i wouldn’t have thought about it either

[Bex likes to play in the Swedish time zone and in EST…she was celebrating the New Year while discussing Dreamfever, so I’m fully convinced this next sentence is the result of lack of sleep or possibly intoxication – or both?] KF: i’lll be starting i hen afte i’ve slep KF: CELEBRATION TIME, COME ON DUDUDUDU *sings*



Make sure you check out their blogs, My Shelf Confessions and Kindle Fever for reviews, giveaways and lots of other amazingtastic content!

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  1. Ning

    a great interview! The Fever series is great. I just started reading Vampire Academy, but I definitely like Barrons better! Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  2. LOL I love this. Now everyone knows my weak spots *whimper* LOL I’m gonna have to be on guard before my wish list and TBR pile grow to mountainous proportions.. wait.. who am I kidding.. they already are.. 😀 And yes, i totally give the Fever series a 5 after finishing all 5. I also read them in about 2 weeks, way under than 3 😀 I read the first ones the week of Christmas, and then finished Shadowfever as my first book in the New Year 🙂 Thanks for the interview, it was tons of fun, even if it was part of a plan to torture me with the cliffhanger!! 😀 <33 April

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  4. hahahaha..too funny…and I might mention April hasn’t read Night Huntress yet either..despite the fact that she now owns book one..because she won it from me.!!!., Bex and I have tried, we drool all over ourselves talking about Bones and even fighting over him. So Jen..this is your next mission get April to read the Night Huntress series!

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