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Please help me welcome Kyle Timmermeyer, author of the novel, Legend of the Elementals #1, to The Bawdy Book Blog today!

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About Kyle Timmermeyer Kyle Timmermeyer has been a writer and lover of adventure for as long as he can remember. When he gets old and starts going senile, he will probably have been an English teacher and world traveler for as long as he can remember. He may also start to consider himself a turnip, and reminisce fondly about the Great Vegetable War. In addition to LEGEND OF THE ELEMENTALS, he has written far too much about the dimwitted superhero Bucketman.


Synopsis & Excerpt

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Get inspired.  One person can change the world.  Four together can save it. Ryan, Erin, Kris, and Jason are heroes defined by the villain, unwitting assistants in a cataclysm brought about by an old man who calls himself… Devidis. The four modern, international teens awaken deep within a jungle canyon, a prison in the post-apocalyptic empire established by the tyrannical Devidis. Surrounded by danger, the four Elementals quickly embrace their new-found super-powered control of the elements–wind, fire, water and stone–under the guidance of Sensei, an imprisoned freedom fighter who believes that Devidis’ near omnipotence is a clear sign that the world is a persistent illusion in the mind of its evil emperor. And so the Elementals are forced to come of age in an increasingly hostile land. Though supernaturally capable, they are faced with a frightening possibility: are their hopes, goals, powers, friends, enemies, surroundings and selves… all an illusion?  It’s “Final Fantasy meets X-Men” as worlds are torn asunder

When the four of us had gathered around him, Sensei put his arm around me and pulled me so that I was looking over the edge.

“It is time for a demonstration,” he said.

The wind whistled, cold and mournful. The tower seemed taller than it did from the outside. I gave Sensei a look and saw that he had another arm over Jason’s shoulder, while the girls were standing on Jason’s left. Then the old man let go of Jason to point a bony finger straight down.

“Whatever happens, I want you to stay calm,” Sensei ordered, “and watch closely.”

I peered through the thickening shadows for signs of anything interesting, but there was nothing there, except the green-black ring of grass that surrounded the tower.

“Are you going to show us your talent, Sensei?” Erin’s voice came from next to Jason.

“Hopefully not,” Sensei answered in a little more than a whisper. He pulled back his arm and said, “There, look!”

I put more weight on the railing and bent lower, encouraged by Sensei’s excitement. As hard as I tried, though, I saw nothing but dark green. And the next thing I knew, my knees were scraping over the railing.

I fell. I twisted on my back and watched Erin, Kris and Jason draw away in horror from Sensei, whose arms had pushed me over! The world was spinning, around and around and upside down. It was a long, dark way down, getting shorter every moment. A dream! I hoped, but no, this wasn’t like any dreams about falling. I didn’t wake up. I felt the wind tear through the space between my tensed fingertips. Breathing was like inhaling a roar, a scream against the inside of my mouth. My eyes wouldn’t close. I was spinning. I saw the blur of gray stone and orange sky and black forest. I was moving further from the building. This was the end. After all the crazy things that had just happened, this would make sense. I suddenly remembered that in a high-speed collision, tightened muscles tear more easily, so I relaxed. Now, I could close my eyes. I inhaled a prayer… and suddenly felt something I could hold onto. Instinctively, I grabbed at it.

It wasn’t in my fingertips and it wasn’t in my skin, though I felt it across my whole body: power, energy, potential of some kind. It felt like a billowing sail wrapped around me. I was suddenly no longer spinning. Though my eyes were closed, I knew that I was now falling face-first, spread-eagle, toward the ground.

It was like a sail… No longer just grabbing, I pulled.



Book Two is also out now for $0.99!

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Discover your talents. Embrace your destiny. Take charge.

In REINTRODUCTION, the Elementals—Ryan, Erin, Kris, and Jason—left the old world and its rules behind, embracing a dubious new reality where they exhibit supernatural control over the elements wind, fire, water and stone. In RELEASE, the 4 teenagers join a motley crew of rebels in pursuit of the Wind Diamond, an Elemental gem that promises to boost Ryan’s wind talent to the next level, in hopes of taking the fight directly to Devidis, the evil emperor who cast the world into its post-apocalyptic state. As leader of the inexperienced team, haunted by his inability to make sense of his powers, can Ryan keep his friends from being captured, or worse, by the black-clad, gun-toting Devidisians as the Elementals navigate cities, frontiers, and high seas brimming with cutthroats and thieves? LEGEND OF THE ELEMENTALS continues…


Thank you, Kyle, for stopping by on the Legend of Elementals blog tour and featuring your book, it was great having you!

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