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Hi everyone!  Welcome to the Starfire Angels Blog Tour and Crystal Tomb launch party!  If you’ve read Starfire Angels: Broken Wings, then you are familiar with Elis’ feisty, blue-winged cousin, Nare, from Inar ‘Ahben.  Please give a warm welcome to her as she takes some time away from the slopes to answer some questions and chat!

TBBB:  Alright Nare, let’s do this.  I want to know what being a Crystal Keeper means to YOU.

Nare:  To me it means you must have something special inside you. The Starfire doesn’t choose just anyone to protect it, although it might in desperate situations. It’s a scary thing, though, especially if it rejects you. I’ve never seen it, but there are stories. Some have been killed by the Starfire.

Then again, some have been killed because of it. Being a Crystal Keeper is a scary prospect. It’s a position deserving respect for the burden they bear. Sure, there are benefits, like being able to open portals between worlds, but the crystal is intelligent. It has a mind of its own. Who knows what it could do? I’ve been told that Crystal Keepers live in fear all the time, and I believe it. I’ve been told first hand–no, warned–of what it’s like. I’d love the extended life and the powers, but I’ve had time to think about it on Earth. I don’t know if it would be worth the exchange of my freedom.

I totally respect Raea for bearing a shard. It’s an honor to be chosen but also a curse, and we owe her and the others our gratitude for the suffering they endure. That’s why they’re revered by all.

I must admit that I would love to see the look on certain faces if they had to honor me as a Crystal Keeper. That might make it worthwhile.

TBBB:  Do you think Raea was chosen because of the desperate situation the shard was in (with her mother having been killed) or do you think it would have chosen her anyway?

Nare:  Hard to say. They went to her before her mother was killed. Padina might have convinced them or maybe it was the Starfire’s idea; I don’t know. She was the youngest Crystal Keeper I’ve ever heard of, but they stayed with her. They could have changed to Elis or me. I think she’s worthy and she’s handled it well. She’s strong and tolerant; look how she’s dealt with Elis. They like her and I can see why.

TBBB:  You seem to really like Raea.  How do you feel about your cousin Elis being with her?  And why give Elis such a hard time?!  I know you’re related, but wow!  Sometimes he seems like your punching bag. =P

Nare:  If you only knew!

First of all, Raea’s easy to like. A bit naive, but a nice young woman. She’s a Crystal Keeper and deserves the respect that goes with bearing that burden. Whether I like her or not is irrelevant, but I do, so that makes everything easier.

As for Elis…Hmm…He puts on quite a nice face for Raea, and I have to wonder how much of him has really changed and when she’ll see the real him. She didn’t see him when he was young. I did. I know. He was terrible to Miyon and me–we…were about the same age and went through Keeper training together. Elis would pull some of the nastiest pranks on her, and also on me. Sometimes when he was young, before our Keeper training, Miyon would have to go with her parents, so they’d leave him with me to watch. Oh, what fun…brat.

TBBB:  Do you think maybe the real him is how he is now, considering his parents were murdered bu the Shirukan?  I mean, that can really change a person… Is Miyon his sister?

Nare:  Sorry. Yes, Miyon was his older sister.

I suppose that kind of suffering could change a person, but this is Elis we’re talking about. Under that quiet exterior is still the trouble-making little boy who used to scramble my comm or…no, wait; he was older when he did that. He certainly didn’t grow out of it before his Keeper training.

TBBB:  You seem to harbor several years’ worth of hostility to your cousin.  Is there any chance he can change your mind?  Maybe help save the worlds? 🙂

Nare:  Maybe. That’s wide open.

Elis save the world? Ha ha! That’s funny. Save Raea, yeah, I can see that. Save the world? No…Maybe by saving Raea from the Shirukan, you could consider that saving the world. I could see that, but in no other way could he ever save any world.

TBBB:  I don’t know…he’s the Dark Angel, afterall.  He’s saved others’ lives without any regard for himself when you think about it.  Each time he did so, there was the chance he exposed himself.  Do you think you could save the world? 

Nare:  That’s small stuff, individuals. He can’t save everyone on Earth. The best he can do to save any world is save Raea from the Shirukan, and he’s failed in that already. He can be the Dark Angel; that’s great. I’m glad he’s doing something useful.

Now, what about me? I’m doing the same thing in Colorado, but I don’t go looking for attention. Aren’t I saving the world by your reasoning?

TBBB:  I suppose you don’t go looking for attention, since this is the first time I’ve heard of you doing that. Tell us what the Blue-haired angel does in Colorado.  What feats have you accomplished in your time on earth? Do you scoff at human kinds belief in Angels? Do you believe in some kind of higher power?

Nare:  What?! You mean Elis hasn’t told you? Typical. He won’t give me any credit.

I blend in with the snow pretty well, so helping out on the slopes in my spare time gives me a higher purpose, like I’m doing my Keeper duties but not in any official way. I work full time, so I can’t be out all the time, but I do what I can. There’s a lot more trouble in Colorado than there is the remote areas of North Dakota. I think I deserve some credit. I was doing this before him. He just likes to think he influenced me. I’ve been on Earth longer than him, though.

I don’t believe in a higher power guiding all of us. Humans, like some other species, choose to believe in something higher rather than take responsibility for their own actions.

TBBB:  Tell me what kind of trouble Nare runs into out in the mountains for Colorado.  Missing hikers?  Amateur skiers breaking their necks on the bunny slopes?
And how long have you been on Earth?

Nare:  Yeah. Whatever you can imagine on the slopes pretty much covers it. On the worst days, I listen to the news to see if anyone’s missing. Flying in snow–not fun. That about sums up any precipitation, but the cold is the worst. Of course, that’s usually when people need help the most…Cars broke down, skiers stuck because of being too daring, lost hikers…Okay, so I was inspired to do more because of the Dark Angel reports, which I knew were Elis. Do NOT tell him I said that.

I’ve been on Earth for seven years. It’s a long story, but a bunch of us came on a ship as a precaution by Saffir to save Keepers. We’re scattered over the world, but the others are mostly in warm areas.

TBBB:  No worries, my lips are sealed. 
What made you choose Colorado if the others are in warmer climates?  OMG, does Nare ski?! 

Nare:  Altitude. Plain and simple. I didn’t settle there originally, though. I moved when I was almost identified on the news in California. I figured the snow was a better camouflage when I wanted to fly. Hate the cold, but the snow can be fun. Skiing? Sure. Why not? I can’t stand sitting around doing nothing, and it’s not like I can ski back home. This is a whole different world. There’s so much to try, so many fun activities. I have to do something with my time.

TBBB:  So if you’re here to save the Keepers, what does that entail exactly?  Elis is busy saving Raea, but are there more like her whom require your protection?

Nare:  I think there’s a misunderstanding. Saffir sent us here to save us from the Shirat Empire. We’re hiding on Earth. At the moment, the empire knows only about Raea and Elis. We came years ago to protect some of us–Keepers have been disappearing on the homeworld and we suspect the Shirukan are killing them. Our disappearance wouldn’t be noticed. Our world will need us someday, especially if the empire succeeds in their purge.

TBBB:  I hope they don’t succeed in their purge of Keepers.  That would be awful! 
On a lighter note…dating anyone?  You gave Elis a pretty hard time over the bonding issue with Raea…have you ever experienced bonding yourself?

Nare:  Yes, it would be awful.

Dating? I have–both species. Men are men. Enough said.

TBBB:  Men are indeed men, but was there one special one that stands out?  What do you look for in a guy?

Nare:  What do I look for? Someone respectful and caring, I guess. Someone who is actually interested in my mind, not just what they see on the outside. I haven’t exactly found that. It’s a tough order to fill for them.

TBBB:  It is, guys the universe over are probably all the same.  What are some things you’d like Melanie’s readers to know?  

Nare:  You should know I’ll be back. Raea’s too important to leave unprotected, or at least to leave to just one person. Besides, Elis is my only family on Earth. That counts for something…not much, but something.

TBBB:  I’m glad to see you do care a lot.  I’ll admit that you do come off a bit abrasive but it seems like deep down, you care very much about doing the right thing and flesh & blood.  I look forward to seeing more of you in the future and Nare, enjoy those slopes when you aren’t too busy saving the world

Thanks for stopping by!

Nare:  Thanks for having me, but don’t tell Elis I said that. Really…don’t tell him. I don’t need him being a bigger pain than he is.

It was fun.

TBBB:  Your secret’s safe with me…softie. 😉

Don’t Forget the Giveaway!  

One lucky entrant will win a signed copy of Crystal Tomb, the third installment in the Dark Angel Chronicles!  But wait!  You know those crystal shards the Keepers bear?  You get one of those, too!  

To enter:
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  • Contest runs from 6:00am 6/1/2011 through 11:59pm 6/3/2011.
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    It was great to see another side of Nare with the questions.



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