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Hi everyone!  Please help us welcome Jocelyn Adams, author of Glass Man, to The Bawdy Book Blog!  Jocelyn has penned a wonderful new series that will keep you on your toes – just check out my review here!  Now she’s back to answer a few questions about Shadowborn, the second installment in her Lila Gray series, and maybe some other tidbits as well 😉

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About Jocelyn Adams Jocelyn Adams lives in the Muskoka region of Ontario with her high school sweetheart and five year old daughter.  She’s a dark fantasy author, wife, mother, blogger, carbaholic, and a former IT geek.


  ~When you initially wrote Glass Man, had you always known Lila’s story would take you down this path or did your characters help you develop the plotline along the way?   *looks for a rock to hide under*  Huh, you’re really going to make me admit this out loud, aren’t you?  Okay, here it goes.  Honestly, when I finished The Glass Man, I had no clue where I wanted to go in book two or three–yes, I’m that much of a pantser.  O_o  Once I came up with the Shadowborn as the villains, the next bit of the story just spilled out of that one idea.  By the time I had book two completed, I’d also figured out book three.  If I ever write a trilogy again, I think I’ll be plotting a little bit more.  Maybe.  Yeah, probably not, who am I kidding?  *snort*     ~Sorry for making you admit that out loud, but it is fascinating how authors create their stories and characters!  🙂 What do you think Lila’s greatest struggle is: learning to lead her people or learning who she is, both literally and figuratively?   Lila’s biggest challenge has always been herself.  Surviving in the wild for so long where everyone wanted a piece of her has created the hard woman she’s become.  Before she can lead the fae, she has to come to terms with who she is, where she comes from and why she went through what she did.  Her biggest flaws might just be her greatest strengths if she can climb above the darkness she holds within.     ~She is quite the woman in both novels, I really enjoyed her.  Who was your favorite character to write in Shadowborn?   Oh, that one’s easy.  Parthalan is what began the idea for the Lila Gray series in the first place, and I love how in love with himself he is.  I find his preening and cocksuredness quite entertaining, and found myself torn over my plans for him in the trilogy.  I’m pretty happy with the results, though.  😉  A close second to him would be Cas–as sweet as Parthalan is spicy.     ~I loved both of those characters, and for the same reasons!  ….. If you had to pick one song as Lila’s theme song, what would it be?  And what would Lila and Liam’s song be?   For Lila, I’ll go with Warrior by Scandal, which happens to be one of my favorite 80s songs and quite fitting for Lila.  Liam and Lila’s song could be Pink’s F’ing Perfect.  The words sum them both up nicely.  🙂     ~Describe Shadowborn in a tweet, 140-characters or less:   Four men want Lila Gray. Two want claim on her heart. One wants her to save him. One wants her soul.     ~Who is your favorite character of all time that you did not write?   Hands down, it would be Jericho Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series.  There are few characters I haven’t figured out by the end of book one.  By book four, I still hadn’t figured out who or what he was, nor how he felt about Mac.  Amazingly rich and interesting character.     ~I love JZB!  I can sense us becoming long time friends, bonding over the intricacies of JZB and his lovely…….mind.  😉 So….Once you wrap up the story of Lila Gray, do you have any plans to continue in their world, writing about some of the other characters?  I admit, I’d love to read more about Nix, Gallagher, and – I’ll admit – Parthalan.   You’ll find out quite a bit more about those three in Rise of the Magi, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever venture into those characters again.  I do intend to write Brigh and Cas’ story at some point since I’ve had quite a few requests to know more about those two, and it will probably end up a YA PNR.  

~Awesome, I can’t wait!  Thanks for stopping by and answering some questions, Jocelyn!  And I loved the book! 


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Why me? That’s the question Lila Gray asks every time yet another bad guy tries to destroy the earth, and she learns she’s the only one who can stop it. Once again, something’s on the prowl, leaving hundreds of comatose, soulless victims in its wake. Couldn’t the deadliest assassins of the Otherworld go after someone else instead of the brand new Queen of the Seelie? One who still hasn’t adapted to her new role. Lila would ask Liam Kane, King of the Unseelie, for advice, but something’s off with him, too. He’s holding back. In some way. About some thing. In fact, he refuses to tell her what’s going on. The truth holds Lila back from the greatness of her role—the people she was born to lead—the man who she desperately loves—and the solution to the latest war raging around her. To find the answers, she’ll need to fight through her own darkness and embark on a journey through her psyche. If she doesn’t succeed, the Shadowborn will claim not only her world, but her soul.


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    I love when a characters biggest challenge is themselves. I think that is true in real life too–it isn’t the external things that keep us from things, it is usually us 🙂

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