BEA2014 Recap Part 1 – Pre-BEA and Teen Author Carnival

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I have been home from BEA for six days now (only 354 days until BEA2015!) and I can finally check off some amazing things from my bookish bucket list (which I just made up).  But more on that in a sec.  Overall, it was great to see old RT13 friends and meet amazing bloggers I’ve chatted with on twitter, and of course, ALL THE BOOKS!  

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Tuesday (T-2 Days to BEA)

Several YADC members decided to head up to New York two days early.  Steph from Cuddlebuggery had a panel for BloggerCon; Hannah from Irish Banana, Jen from Jenuine Cupcakes and Andye from ReadingTeen had some YA publisher events on Wednesday and me?  Well, the hotel reservation for my roommates and I was in my name LMAO.  I’d also never been to NYC before, so I wanted a couple of extra days to get acclimated. So Tuesday started off with a trip on the train from Union Station in D.C. to Penn Station in NYC, where I proceeded to get very lost looking for my way out and to the taxi line!  Seriously, it took me about 20 minutes to find my way upstairs and outside from the platforms.  AND a couple fo escalators were broken.  Did I mention my suitcase already weighed probably close to 70lbs?  Mostly because I stocked on food for the trip to save money.  

My pre-BEA train selfie.
The Yotel mascot? Not sure, but it was in the lobby.
The Yotel mascot?

View from our hotel room.   We stayed at the Yotel!
View from our hotel room. We stayed at the Yotel!

  Super-amazeballs YA lit author, Lenore Appelhans, who I am so lucky to call a friend because she rocks, was one of my BEA roommates and came bearing gifts: European chocolate (the strawberries and cream Milka bars are MY FAVORITE!) and an ARC of her sophomore YA novel, Chasing Before!

My first BEA book!
My first BEA book!
And European chocolate! NOM.
And European chocolate!

  And then…two halves of the world collided. (No, like literally. The East and the West…the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere…America and Australia). Yes, that’s right. I got to witness (and film) Kat Kennedy and Steph Sinclair meeting for the first time. Kat only vaguely threatened my life*, but Steph defended my honor with her new lightsaber given to her by Kat. I was safe, for the moment. Kat knew she had many more opportunities, though…   *Just kidding guys, Kat Kennedy might possibly be the nicest person I’ve ever met.    

Wednesday (T-1 Days to BEA) aka BloggerCon

I didn’t go to BloggerCon. I didn’t feel like I would get anything out of it because I’ve been blogging for 3 1/2 years. That’s not to say that I’ve learned everything there is to know about bookblogging; I HAVEN’T. But the panels seemed geared to newer bloggers. If BloggerCon implements some or all of the panel suggestions by Ashley at NoseGraze, I am SO THERE! But the freedom of not going to BloggerCon meant that I could get up late, take in the city, and pick up my press badge at my leisure! One of my roommates, Andreya, and I discovered a kickass bar & grill just a block from the hotel that had these delicious Mexican curly fries and $5 margaritas!

Andreya and I at Mr. Biggs
Andreya and I at Mr. Biggs
Mexifries from Mr. Biggs
Mexifries from Mr. Biggs

  We ended up not having anything to drink though, because we had to book it to the Javitz to pick up our badges, and then I needed to roll out to meet Lenore down at Union Square so we could head to the Teen Author Carnival at the NYC Public Library.  

My badge!
This is me!

Teen Author Carnival

After picking up my badge, I bid adieu to all the new bloggers I met while picking up my badge (and I’m really terrible with names, sorry!) and cabbed it downtown (wait, isn’t all of NYC downtown?!) to Union Square – STOP!  Time for a small break in Union Square so we can jam out to these guys: Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming.  I chilled out in Union Square, waiting for Lenore, Melody and Erica so we could hoof it to the Jefferson Market Library branch, but only after a pit stop at Shake Shack to hang out with author Lauren Morrill!

NYCPL. It’s beautiful!
Lenore, me and Lauren Morrill
Lenore, me and Lauren

Teen Author Carnival was awesome!  It opened with Author Jeopardy, where three contestants (including Scott from Scott Reads It!) competed against each other to answer trivia questions about the authors on the panels, from what they wish their superpower was to who they’d like to be stuck in an elevator with. And of course, questions about their books. Jeopardy was moderated by Cami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  All three contestants received some swag bags.  And I can confidently say that Stohl and Garcia are two of the funniest ladies ever!

Speaking of swag bags, everyone who attended Teen Author Carnival also received a swag bag in a cute lime green NYCPL tote, which included the hot new title, Let’s Get Lost by Aldi Alsaid, as well as two other books.

After Jeopardy, I headed upstairs to attend one of the four panels offered at TAC: Come Together, a panel about diversity in books.

Diversity Panel flier
Diversity panel authors

From left to right: Michael Barakiva, Robin Talley, Eliot Schrefer and Aaron Hartzler.  I totally don’t remember the moderator’s name, so #bloggerfail.  It has been the best panel I’ve ever attended so far!  I loved the discussion of diversity in books, not just with ethnicity, but also with sexuality.

After the panel, I took a cab back to the hotel near Javitz and hung out with Kat, Steph, Lenore and a few other bloggers staying there.  I didn’t get to bed as early as I’d have liked, but that’s okay because the next morning, I was pumped on pure adrenaline.

Stay tuned for the next recap post!

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  1. It was so great to meet you in person! I did go to BloggerCon, but I don’t feel that I got a lot out of it. I decided to go because Maureen Johnson was the keynote speaker and because it costs about the same (I didn’t apply for a Press Pass). I’ve been blogging for 4 years and like you I *do* want to learn more, but I don’t think it was the place for it. This is a great post and it does seem like you had a fabulous time.
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