#BEA: How Am I Preparing?

Posted on 05/20/2014 in Discussion / 18 Comments

In exactly one week, I will be on my way to BEA in NYC!  And how am I preparing?

Well first off, with a healthy dose of nerves and panic.  I’m in the midst of planning my wedding and I really shouldn’t be going to any cons, but I swore I’d go to BEA this year and I wasn’t backing down from that!  Besides, it’s too late to cancel now muahaha!  Is it wise to jet off for nearly a week to the Big Apple less than three months before the biggest day (so far) of my life?  Probably not. this-is-my-smart-face   So to prepare myself, I’ve done or am doing the following things:

  • Packing snacks like granola bars – I am a cheap little snot, and I already balk at DC prices for things and I’ve been living here for eight years.  NYC prices will probably kill me.  But please, I prefer the term “frugal” in person.  No lie, I may also bring the ingredients to make a lot of PB&Js.  I’ll be THAT girl.
  • Buying a portable cell phone charger – you know the kind you carry in your purse that can charge your phone two or three times before it needs to be recharged itself? I think it was fellow YADC member Hannah from the Irish Banana who told me I needed one of those because Javitz and the BEA app sucks your battery life fast.  *browses over to bestbuy.com*
  • Packing nothing but Toms flats – these are the most comfortable stylish shoes ever.  I walked RT in them last year and I still have that pair.  I may bring a single pair of cute flat sandals for any parties I get to attend, too.
  • Purchased a new camera battery charger – I left my charger in Kansas City last year while there for RT, so I just recently got around to buying a replacement so I can use my DSLR to take nice pictures!  Photography will probably keep me entertained while waiting in line.
  • Downloaded the BEA app – so I can keep track of all the signings I added to the calendar!
  • Getting there early – like Tuesday-early.  I am the Worst East-Coaster Of All Time.  I’ve lived (and was born) on the Right Coast a total of 31 years (I’m 34), but I’ve never been to NYC, despite only living a mere few hours drive away.  Getting there early will let me get acclimated to the City That Never Sleeps and maybe do a couple of touristy things, too.
  • Bringing an empty suitcase – thanks to the wisdom of many other bloggers, I will be packing light and bringing a spare!
  • Ordered new business cards – I’ve moved since the last batch, and while everyone pretty much has my new address, I still wanted new cards!


So are you going to BEA and if so, how are you preparing?  


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Jennifer is both a book nerd and professional photographer. That means she lives in the fantasy world all the time, whether of her making, or someone else's. She collects books like the Duggar family collects kids, and began waiting for her Hogwarts letter at the tender age of 33.

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18 responses to “#BEA: How Am I Preparing?

  1. Gurl, I have the SAME list as you! I know from living here that ANY & ALL food/drink inside JJC will put me into bankruptcy. So, the snacks & MIO flavored water drops get packed! Last year I got weird looks at the water fountains filling up my large bottle then dropping the blood red drops into it. lolz I told one person they were my vampire drops. Sounded funnier in my head. I bring an extra shirt in my suitcase. Because anything can and will happen. I am debating my shoes now. I have these awesome memory foamy sneaks, but they match with nada I want to wear. Last year I saw stilettos, those high wedge sandals, platforms, etc. Not this girl!! lol. I will splurge on these made to order fresh fruit smoothies they have inside BEA. A large was like 10$ (my cheap side cried) but I cant resist a smoothie. I was by a free glass of champagne line last year & had like 4 or 5 of them. The guy kept handing them to me while I was in the other line! I said “Ive already had a few-thank you-no thank you” he’s like “we got plenty!” uhm, ok. I hope I wont be so shy this year! I recognize faces but get so shy. Chargers are mandatory!! That BEA APP, while a lifesaver is a soul sucker! My phone went from 100-13% in no time!! Ill be using it to snap pics too. Ill be in NYC tomorrow actually at the new 9/11 museum. Im stoked for that. Maybe a stop in Times Square. I love TS at night. Even at 1am its rockin. Have fun & if I see ya Ill give ya a shoutout!
    Bella’s Shelf’s latest thoughts >> This is your brain on FENG SHUI

    • I am the master of spillage, an extra shirt sounds like a great idea. I have this ginormous suitcase I’m halling with me through the streets of NYC like Harry Potter and his trunk (but obvs way less cool). I would never turn down free champaign. EVER. I will totally splurge on fresh fruit smoothies. I drink a fresh fruit smoothie every day for breakfast, although I make it here at home. I’m only shy when I don’t know what we have in common. If I see other bloggers, I’m pretty sure I’ll take my awkward self up to them and be all “Oh hai GUYS!” Hahaha. I REALLY want to go to the 9/11 museum. I feel like a compulsion to go. If you see me, don’t be shy! I’m pretty awkward and stupid in person. 🙂

  2. Great post Lori, and yes of course you could go! Your wedding is three months away, not three days. That phone charger thing sounds great, going to look for that. I am preparing to go to a convention in Berlin, Germany, in two days. “Only” an 8 hour drive from Holland. I am certainly bringing my own drinks and lunch to the convention days, but we will go out to dinner with international blogger friends and some authors. It will be so much fun! So, have fun at BEA Lori and Bella!
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  3. Have an Amazing Time!!! I was born in upstate NY but I live in Dallas Texas and I’ve never really spent any touristy time in NY City, so if I were going (which I’m not *tears*) I’d go early to do the touristy thing as well. And smart move with the extra suitcase – I’ve read a lot of posts with people saying that’s a must for cons. And you’ve got time until your wedding – no sweat leaving for a con! LOL 😉
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun’s latest thoughts >> COYER Summer Vacation | I’m Ready!!

  4. Not that my fears are gone (KIND OF) about meeting everyone, I am starting to panic about prices for food and such. I will be bringing tons of snacks LOL I thought about one of those chargers but didn’t look into it. I will regret that, I am sure. 😛 I’ve started packing and I am doing my double trick. Pack a smaller suitcase and place it IN the bigger one. haha I do this do avoid extra fees when flying and I don’t pack light! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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