ArmchairBEA: Networking In Real Life

Posted on 06/06/2012 in Discussion, Events / 8 Comments

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Real Life Networking

I got into blogging because I had no one to talk to about books – or so I thought.  Once I began discussing books on my Facebook fan page, it sort of trickled over into my personal page.  Then some of my friends who read books began to come out of the woodwork.  Conversations started to begin with “What are you reading right now?”  or “I just finished ___, what do you recommend I read next?”  I’ve learned so much about my friends through books, and now I belong to a real, in-person book club, all because one day, I decided to follow a friend into book blogging.  So while I haven’t done networking with bookstores or authors that live close by, I think I still have some measure of influence because I’m getting people excited about reading.

 What Has This Done For Me?

Well, one huge thing: it strengthened those bonds of friendship with my IRL friends.  I love my blogging buddies, they are irreplaceable.  But I’ve known some of my bestest IRL friends for 10-20 years and books have brought us even closer together.   I haven’t met any authors in person, or gone to any signings (I got really sick during one signing weekend, booooo), but I like to think that what I have gained from all the personal networking is priceless.


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