A Month of Scary Movies: Midnight Meat Train

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Throughout the month of October, I am bringing you all my favorite scary movies to celebrate Halloween with my special feature, A Month of Scary Movies with Kristina! So keep scrolling to check out today’s movie and stay tuned for more to come throughout the month! Happy haunting, slashing or whatever tickles your scary bone!


Director:  Ryuhei Kitamura (Azumi) Producer:  Clive Barker (Hellraiser, Candyman and Book of Blood) Screen Writer:  Jeff Buhler Actors:  Bradley Cooper (The Hangover), Leslie Bibb (Iron Man 1 & 2), Brooke Shields, Ted Raimi (Spiderman 1-3), & Vinnie Jones (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) Film Score Composer:  Johannes Kobilke and Robb Williamson Genre:  Mystery,  Horror, Thriller

Plot Summary:    A New York photographer stumbles across a subway serial killer.


Movie Review

Ya’ll get ready for a most epic subway ride of your life!!  You will never look at a subway, metro or, like this Chi-Town girl, the EL train the same way again.  If you are squeamish, this movie is not for you!  Blood? Guts? Gore? … CHECK! New sick/twisted ways to die? (um, can you say cleaver and meat tenderizer?) … CHECK – AWESOMSAUCE!  Leon (our yummy Bradley Cooper) is a broke, struggling photographer trying to make it in the big bad city.  When he gets the deal of a life time, to show his work to a respected art dealer (Brooke Shields) she asks him “what do you want to capture?”.  Leon responds “the REAL city”.  She states “well you have failed so far, next time you’re in the city, stay there and keep shooting till you see the REAL city and then come back to me”.  That night Leon travels to the subway to take the train home where he saves a woman from a group of men harassing her.  The next day, he discovers the girl has gone missing.  Leon is intrigued and begins to investigate.  He takes his evidence to the police who begin to suspect his motives.  That is when he sees Mahogany, a meat butcher who rides the “Late Night” train. Leon soon takes the most terrifying subway ride of his life. The cinematography and direction of this movie was so EPICALLY MIND BLOWING, it took everything in me to not happy-dance my way all over my house.  Clive Barker, you are so sick-n-twisted and I LOVE IT!!! You never fail me for a GREAT movie and your stories always leave me feeling orgasmic!  Ryuhei Kitamura . . . WOW!!!  (wow as in : mouth dropping, words can’t explain, leaving me feeling like I spent 2 hours in Christian Grey’s Red Room = WOW).  This movie is without a doubt, the best cinematography and direction I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot of movies)!!!  The things you do in the movie is almost indescribable.  You can’t catch all the symbolism in one sitting; you have to watch the movie several times to see all the little things(and yes I stopped the movie, rewound the scene and watched it again.  Then I ran to the basement to get my beau and yelled COME UP HERE, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!)!!  There are two scenes that stick out most in my head.  Ted Raimi’s characters death scene is beyond epic!!  When Vinnie’s character takes that meat tenderizer and hits Ted on the back of the head, Ryehei switches to slow motion action!!  You get to see Ted’s right eye bulge out a little and suck back into the skull as the left eye totally “plop’s” out of his skull.   As the eye is flying through the air you can see the refection of the scenery around him through the eye.  To top it all off, the blood splatter effect is enough to make Dexter himself smile with glee. It does not spray backward on Vinnie’s character, OH NO (say it really slowly while shaking your head really slowly) it “showers” big ole beautiful drops of blood, up over Ted’s character to spray his fellow actors in the face as they scream!  (Heavy Sigh of Sinful Exhaustion). How about Bradley Cooper’s character, who wakes up hanging upside down in the subway car.  As he looks below him he notices a huge pool of blood and reflected in the blood shows the whole subway car filled with dead people hanging upside down just like him!!  WoOt WoOt!!  Makes you want to jump out of your seat and clap!!!  (I could keep going but Jenn says I am only allowed so much room 🙂 ) The costume and set design are what you would expect a big city to look like.  It is filmed a lot at night so they use a lot of blues, greys, whites and blacks for clothing and background.  Makes everything look nice and eerie.  And makes the rich color of blood just POP!! The script was nicely put together with the right type of dialog to bring witty sarcasm and death to such pleasure you will never think of this movie as some CheeZE B Movie.   Even though this movie went straight to DVD it is great to watch a B Horror Movie and see Main Stream Hollywood Actors Such as Bradley Cooper, Ted Raimi, Vinnie Jones, Leslie Bibb and Brooke Shields.  Just goes to show that everyone loves a good horror flick.  And Bradley Cooper, OOHH Bradley Cooper what can I say? Oh that is right; YUM, finger licken’ good!!!  It is so nice to see you cast in so many different roles and you play them all really, really well!!  Ted Raimi, it is always a pleasure watching you work from sexy stud, to goofy news reporter, zombie and Nerd Hero (yes, I grew up watching you on Xena).  Your death scene will go down in my history books as the best death scene EVER!! Midnight Meat Train all I can say is SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!  I was expecting great, being something from Clive Barkers mind, but you exceeded my expectations.  You have jumped into my top five of favorite horror movies.  For those who love blood and gore, add this movie to your “must see list”!!  

Memorable Quote


Leon: “I just didn’t imagine that you would be the kind of person to say “whoa”.  Susan: “I’m not. I don’t.  I haven’t said it since high school”.  



*Disclaimers: Plot summary, movie info and movie trailer image sourced from IMDB.com, sooner.net, & rottentomatoes.com.
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The earliest movie Kristina can remember watching is “The Neverending Story”. It was all downhill from there. She then watched any movie she could from old black-n-white, classic musicals to the current movies coming out. While other kids were outside playing, Kristina could be found watching movies over and over and over again, experiencing new things each time she watched them, memorizing lines and acting out the scenes. She loves everything about them from the directing, set & costume design, acting and foundtrack/film score. Her favorite genres are B-movies, British films and other foreign films.

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5 responses to “A Month of Scary Movies: Midnight Meat Train

  1. I have NEVER seen, or even HEARD fo this… but but but… WANT! I used to be really nervous about scary movies, but I’m rediscovering my love of them 😀

  2. Ok this sounds creeptastic and i’ve never heard of it. If I can talk my son into holding my hand, checking under the bed and turning on the bathroom light for me..i might watch it.

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