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Indie Author Excerpts: Awaken by Christal Mosley

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"Indie Author Excerpts"

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Coralie remained still, silently in the night, her eyes closed tight. She could hear them. She knew that it wouldn’t be long. She began to tense as she could hear them nearing. She struck out against the night air, feeling it rush against her. She was running now … running fast … faster and faster.

They won’t get away … faster, run faster … Coralie told herself. Faster, run faster…

Trees, shrubs, street lamps, houses, buildings, park cars…all just a background of fading darkness in her peripheral view, combining into one long, dark blur.

There they are … up ahead … she said to herself. Tunnel vision had seemed to take her over, so that all she could see was them.

Closer and closer, she approached them, but she continued to push herself to run even faster, with each step and stride.

I’m getting closer … Coralie thought, as she began to feel herself tense as she prepared to meet her fleeing opponents. She felt a rush of tension, like a predator zoning in and closing on its prey, ready to pounce.  The hunt is almost over, and the ‘kill’ will be quick … she thought, feeling her muscles tense predatorily.

Either her opponents had begun to slow or she was gaining ground. Probably the latter.  They slowed to a halt & turned … but Coralie had leapt into the air, meeting them where they stood.  Coralie gave a stunning jab with her extended arm that was stretched out beyond her body.  The one she struck first stumbled back a few spaces, and then began to advance on her. Coralie leapt into the air once more, this time landing her outstretched heel into the chest of her adversary. Stumbling backward, her challenger fell to the ground, hard, but not hard enough. The staggering body returned to its feet and began its advancement upon the girl.

Coralie heard movement now from the east and west of her. Three … there are three … great … she said to herself.

She crouched into a defensive stance, and awaited her advancers. She jumped into the air, coming down onto two of them with a crushing blow, causing them to tumble to the ground. She stood, quickly, throwing a jab into the side of the other, knocking their body into a tree. Commencing in a firm stance and planting her feet solidly on the ground, she beckoned their return to joining her fight. They began their unsteadily stagger back towards her.

Coralie grinned confidently. Without hesitance, instinctively, Coralie threw a stunning punch into the gut of the one on that came at her from her left. She tensed again, throwing a jabbing left punch into the side of the one approaching her from the right. As the two fell against the hard ground, the third advanced on her quickly, slugging towards her. Coralie ducked swiftly, dodging a blow. She jumped speedily to her feet, delivering a reciprocating knock backwards, causing her rival to slam hard against a tree trunk and fall even harder to the ground. Coralie looked at the pounded heaps that lie on the ground. She perused her surroundings, taking inventory of those who took occupancy on the leaf covered ground around her. One of them started to move, as the others lay motionless.

Slowly walking toward their pummeled bodies, Coralie reached behind her back retrieving her weapon of choice, her ancient Makhaira sword. She could feel its power exuding as she held it tight within her hands.

Coralie felt the tension in her muscles begin to relax.  She looked down at them, as the powering glow of her sword illuminated her face in the dark. With the radiance that surrounded them, she could see the look of blatant fear on the face of her wakeful foe. Holding her sword high above her, pointing downward, she flashed an angelic, conquering smirk.


About the Author

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Christal M. Mosley grew up in a small town outside of Birmingham, Alabama. She was a very hyperactive child, in both mind and body – always on the go, always thinking up characters, then acting out her imaginary worlds. When she wasn’t making up her own stories, she was getting lost in someone else’s.

Christal has always had a funny or theatrical story to tell. While in school, she wrote many short stories and a few novellas. She now has a Master’s degree in Arts & Sciences from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Writing is her passion, but she enjoys other things, too. Christal is an avid-reader. She loves to dance & lives through music. She loves to make people laugh, and enjoys creative artistry & painting. But most of all, she loves to spend time with her wonderful family. Christal lives with her awesome family in Alabama, and continues to create imaginary worlds for all to explore.

Christal writes books about cool people with Gifts of Nature that fight Evil in the name of Good. Her debut YA series is titled Empyreal. Awaken is the first novel released in the series, published by Wheelman Press. Rise & Fall is the sequel, and will be followed by a few Empyreal short stories. She also has a new series in progress. All are scheduled to be released this year.


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