2013 Audiobook Challenge

Posted on 11/26/2012 in Challenge / 12 Comments

The 2013 Audiobook Challenge is hosted by The Book Nympho & Hot Listens.  It’s a challenge for those who don’t typically listen to audiobooks to try it out for the year.  I’ve personally never been a fan; I listened to three audiobooks in 2013: Across the Universe, Blood Red Road, and Legend, and it took me for-e-ver.  I enjoyed all of them, but my greatest fear is the narration.  While I feel I got lucky with these books, I probably won’t listen to the sequel of Across the Universe because the narrators changed, and I like consistency.  The Legend series is still up in the air. I’ve heard that the Fever series books by Karen Marie Moning are exceptional in audio format, so those are going to pop my 2013 audio cherry. Nope, decided to go a different way!

  Levels: Newbo (Not quite addicted) 1-5 audios Ear Worm (Narrator’s voice gets stuck in your head) 5-10 audios Tickle Me Audio (Seriously, I’m getting serious) 10-15 audios Plugged In (I can quit anytime) – 15+ audios   My Goal: Tickle Me Audio (Seriously, I’m Getting Serious) 10-15 Audios   Planned | Listened & Reviewed

  1. Easy by Tammara Webber
  2. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green 
  3. Bared To You by Sylvia Day
  4. Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder
  5. Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers
  6. Reflected In You by Sylvia Day
  7. ?


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Jennifer is both a book nerd and professional photographer. That means she lives in the fantasy world all the time, whether of her making, or someone else's. She collects books like the Duggar family collects kids, and began waiting for her Hogwarts letter at the tender age of 33.


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12 responses to “2013 Audiobook Challenge

  1. Hi Jennifer! Narrators, male or female, need to be appealing to the ear, or forget it. Try the Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning. The narrator is Phil Gigante. He has the most incredibly sexy voice. You will have no problem listening, believe me. Yummy! 😀

  2. thegeekyblogger

    I would be tempted to sign up but that would be cheating, huh? I don’t think I would have a hard time hitting my numbers 🙂

  3. Happy New Year’s!

    […] I joined in a challenge for this, hosted by The Book Nympho and Hot Listens, because I don’t listen to enough audios and I think I’m missing out.  I needed something to force my hand.  I also need to get to the gym, but my excuse is that staying late at work to go to the gym (it’s on campus) cuts into my reading time.  No more!  This challenge will solve both problems. […]

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