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The Bawdy Book Blog Besties: 2011

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Happy New Year!  Welcome to The Bawdy Book Blog Besties: 2011!  This is a short, but sweet look at my top 5 favorite reads this entire year, and why. They are in order of favorite, with the very best Bestie at the number one spot on the list, and I’m going to start with number five. This is a cross-genre list, so it spans every type of book I’ve read and enjoyed in 2011 (however you’ll probably be able to tell which genres are my favorite!). If you’d like to participate, be sure to grab the button code below and link back in the comments section!


The Bawdy Book Blog 2011 Besties


#5 – FORBIDDEN by Tabitha Suzuma

Forbidden was simply amazing.  Tabitha Suzuma took an intense and taboo subject and weaved a story that made you want to root for her characters through to the end and hope they find their happiness.   When you read the synopsis, you think that you can’t possibly want these characters to win or that you won’t possibly like it as much as everyone says you will, because, you know, it’s about incest.  But you do and you will.


#4 – WITHER  by Lauren DeStefano

WITHER was also amazing.  It’s such a fantastic dystopian to get lost in and Lauren DeStefano wrote it incredibly well.  I said in my review that I felt I could step right into the pages and Rhine’s world, it was so richly detailed.  I loved everything about WITHER, right down to the villains in the story.  It’s the perfect dystopian.


#3 – DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth

The sentence on the cover says it all: “One choice can transform you.”  But what if you have multiple choices?  What if you’re divergent? I am absolutely IN LOVE with DIVERGENT; it had everything a young-adult dystopian could possibly have: conflict, action, despair, love, but most of all…hope.  And a choice.  I know I said that WITHER was the perfect dystopian, and it is, but it doesn’t get more perfect than DIVERGENT.  I seriously hope Roth isn’t unknowingly writing our future.

UPDATE: DIVERGENT also won Favorite Book of 2011 and Best Young Adult and Science-Fiction/Fantasy on Goodreads!


#2 – THE RESTORER by Amanda Stevens

Say what?  You haven’t read this gem yet?   You should probably fix that right NOW.  Technically tied for first place on The Bawdy Book Blog, THE RESTORER is superb in story, writing style, character development and world-building.  Amanda Stevens gives us a southern gothic ghost story, about a cemetery restorer, of all things, and makes you want to live in her pages, drinking tea with the nice ladies, wandering the headstones and tombs of Charleston, SC.  Just don’t look at the ghosts.




#1 – SHADOWFEVER by Karen Marie Moning

I get a little squee-ish when I talk about SHADOWFEVER, but I’ll try not to do that here.  If you know me at all, you know that The Fever books by KMM are my favorites, EVER, and I am heavily invested in getting anyone who hasn’t read the books to, well, get on with it already!  SHADOWFEVER has everything for everybody: mystery, murder, passion and sex (but not too bawdy), the supernatural, apocalypse, foreign traveling, different worlds altogether…literally everything!  It is the single best book I’ve read this year (maybe ever), because I loved the culmination of Moning’s series and the questions that were answered.  Even thinking about it now gives me the shivers.  Simply amazingtastic (that’s for you, April 😉 )! UPDATE: SHADOWFEVER won Best Paranormal Fantasy of 2011 on Goodreads!


So tell me…what are your Top 5 favorite books from 2011?  What are your Besties?


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